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Liz Phair, Singer; Elizabeth Clark Phair [adoptive name] (New Haven, Connecticut 17 April 1967).

Dr. Phil, Television psychologist; Phillip Calvin McGraw (Vinita, Oklahoma 1 September 1950).

Regis Philbin, Television personality; Regis Francis Xavier Philbin (Manhattan, New York 25 August 1931).

Kim Philby, Russian spy; Harold Adrian Russell Philby (Ambala, India 1 January 1912 - 11 May 1988).

Prince Philip, Consort of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; Philip of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Gluckberg, aka Philip Mountbatten (Corfu 10 June 1921). Once described himself as 'A Greek princeling of no consequence'. FAQ - Spelling

Ryan Phillippe, Actor; Matthew Ryan Phillippe (USA, 1974).

Chynna Phillips, Singer; Gilliam Chynna Phillips (Los Angeles 12 February 1968).

Emo Phillips, Actor, Phil Soltanec, (USA).

Julia Phillips, Film producer; Julia Miller (New York City, New York 7 April 1944 - 1 January 2002).

Julianne Phillips, Model, actor; Julianne Smith (13 May 1960).

Lou Diamond Phillips, Actor; Louis Upchurch (Subic Bay Naval Station, Philippines 17 February 1962).

Mackenzie Phillips, Actor; Laura Mackenzie Phillips (Alexandria, Virginia 10 November 1959).

Michelle Phillips, Singer (The Mamas and the Papas), Holly Michelle Gilliam, (USA, 1944)

Phiz, Artist, Hablot Knight Browne (UK 1815 - 1882) Dicken's illustrator.

Joaquin Phoenix, Actor; Joaquin Raphael Phoenix (San Juan, Puerto Rico 28 October 1974).

Liberty Phoenix, Actor; Libertad Mariposa [Liberty Butterfly] (Caracas, Venezuela 5 July 1976).

Patricia Phoenix, Actor; Patricia Frederica Pilkington (Manchester 26 November 1924 - 18 September 1986).

Rain Phoenix, Actor; Rain Joan of Arc Phoenix, a.k.a. Rainbow Phoenix (Crockett, Texas 31 March 1973).

River Phoenix, Actor; River Jude Bottom (Madras, Oregon 23 August 1970 - 31 October 1993 Hollywood, California).

Duncan Phyfe, Cabinet-maker, Duncan Fife, (Scotland, 1768-1854).

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