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Willie Pep, Boxer; Gugliermo Papaleo (Middletown, Connecticut 19 September 1922 - 23 November 2006).

Pepa, Rapper; Sandra Denton (Kingston, Jamaica 9 November 1969). Half of the rap duo Salt-N-Pepa [with Cheryl James].

George Peppard, Film and television actor; George William Peppard, Jr. (Detroit, Michigan, 1 October 1928 - 8 May 1994).

Georges Perec, Writer; George Peretz (Paris, France 7 March 1936 - 3 March 1982).

S. J. Perelman, Humorist; Sidney Joseph Perelman (Brooklyn 1 February 1904 - 17 October 1979).

Rosie Perez, Dancer and Actor, Rosa Marie Perez, (USA, 1964).

Anthony Perkins, Actor; Anthony Perkins (New York City 4 April 1932 - 12 September 1992).

Eva Peron, Dictator's first lady; Dictator, Eva Maria Duarte, (Argentina, 1919-1952).

H. Ross Perot, Entrepeneur and politician; Henry Ross Perot (Texarkana, Texas 27 June 1930).

Gigi Perreau, Actor; Ghislaine Elizabeth Marie Thérèse Perreau-Saussine (Los Angeles, California 6 February 1941).

Anne Perry, Writer; Juliet Hulme (Blackheath, London 28 October 1938).

Antoinette Perry, Actor, director; Mary Antoinette Perry (Denver, Colorado 27 June 1888 - 28 June 1946). She helped found the American Theatre Wing; the annual Antoinette Perry Awards were created in her name; better known as the "Tony" Awards.

Emily Perry, Actor, singer and dancer; Patricia Emily Perry (Torquay, Devon 28 June 1907 - 19 February 2008).

Joe Perry, Guitarist; Anthony Joseph Perry (Lawrence, Massachusetts 10 September 1950).

Luke Perry, Actor; Coy Luther Perry III, (USA, 1966).

Black Jack Pershing, Soldier; John Joseph Pershing (Laclede, Missouri 13 September 1860 - 15 July 1948).

Joe Pesci, Actor; Joseph Frank Pesci (Newark, New Jersey 6 February 1943).

Marshal Petain, French soldier; Henri Philippe Benoni Omer Joseph Pétain (Cauchy-à-la-Tour, Pas-de-Calais, France 24 April 1856 – 23 July 1951).

Bernadette Peters, Singer; Bernadette Lazzaro (USA, 1948).

Brock Peters, Actor; George Fisher (New York City 2 July 1927).

Jean Peters, Actor; Elizabeth Jean Peters (Canton, Ohio 15 October 1926 - 13 October 2000).

Jon Peters, Hairdresser turned film producer; John Pagano Peters (Van Nuys, California 1 January 1947).

Roberta Peters, Opera soprano; Roberta Peterman (New York 4 May 1930).

Susan Peters, Actor; Suzanne Carmahan, (USA, 1921-1952).

Paul Peterson, Television actor, William Paul Peterson (USA, 1945).

Ray Peterson, Singer; Raymond Peterson (Denton, Texas 23 April 1939 - 25 January 2006).

Petrarch, Scholar; Francesco Petrarca (Aresso, Tuscanny 1304 - 1374), was born Francesco di Petracco.

Flinders Petrie, Egyptologist; Professor Sir William Matthew Flinders Petrie (Charlton, London, England 3 June 1853 – 28 July 1942).

Charles Pettigrew, Singer Songwriter; Charles Pettigrew, (Pennsylvania, 12 May 1963 - 6 April 2001).

Peyo, cartoonist and creator of the Smurfs; Pierre Culliford (Brussels, Belgium 25 June 1926).

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