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Eddie Peabody, Banjo player; Edwin Ellsworth Peabody (Reading, Massachusetts 19 February 1902 – 7 November 1970). Also known as Little Eddie, Happiness Boy and King of the Banjo.

Minnie Pearl, Grand Ole Opry Legend; Sarah Ophelia Colley (USA, 1912-1996).

Drew Pearson, Newspaper columnist; Andrew Russell Pearson (USA, 1877-1969).

Harold Peary, Actor (Gildersleeve), Harold Jese Pereira de Faria, (USA, 1908-1985).

Robert Peary, Explorer; Robert Edwin Peary (Cresson, Pennsylvania 6 May 1856 – 20 February 1920).

Pebbles, Singer; Perri Alette McKissack (Oakland, California 6 November 1966).

Bob Peck, Actor; Robert Peck (Leeds, Yorkshire 23 August 1945 - 4 April 1999).

Gregory Peck, Actor; Eldred Gregory Peck (La Jolla, California 5 April 1916 - 12 June 2003).

Sam Peckinpah, Movie director, David Samuel Peckinpah, (USA, 1925-1984).

Mario Van Peebles, Actor, Mario Peebles, (Mexico, 1957).

Melvin Van Peebles, Movie director, actor, writer and producer, Melvin Peebles, (USA, 1932).

John Peel, Disc jockey; John Robert Parker Ravenscroft (Heswall, Cheshire, 30 August 1939).

Nia Peeples, Actor and singer; Virenia Gwendolyn Peeples (Hollywood, California 10 December 1961).

Jan Peerce, Opera tenor; Jacob Pincus Perelmuth (New York City 3 June 1904 - 15 December 1984).

Little Peggy, Singer; Margaret Annemarie Batavio (Lansdale, Pennsylvania 8 March 1948).

I. M. Pei, Architect; Ieoh Ming Pei (Canton, China 26 April 1917).

Pelé, Soccer player; Edison Arantes do Nascimento (Três Corações, Brazil 23 October 1940).

Nancy Pelosi, Politician; Nancy D'Alesandro (Baltimore, Maryland 26 March 1940).

John Pemberton, Pharmacist and inventor of Coca-Cola; John Stith Pemberton (Knoxville, Georgia 8 July 1831 - 16 August 1888).

Mike Pender, Musician and singer, Michael Perdergast, (USA, 1942).

Penn, Magician, Penn Jillette, (USA, 1955). (Penn & Teller).

Sean Penn

Sean Justin Penn
Santa Monica, California
17 August 1960.


JC Penney, Retail merchant; James Cash Penney (Hamilton, Missouri 16 September 1875 - 12 February 1971).

Ty Pennington, television celebrity and carpenter; Tygert Bruton Pennington (Atlanta, Georgia 19 October 1965).

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