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Sydney Omarr, Astrologer; Sidney Kimmelman (Philadelphia 5 August 1926- 2 January 2003).

Ryan O'Neal, Actor, Patrick Ryan O'Neal (Los Angeles, California 20 April 1941).

Tatum O'Neal, Actor; Tatum O'Neal (Los Angeles, California 5 November 1963). Was married to John McEnroe.

David Opatoshu, Actor; Also Known As David Opatovsky (New York City 30 January 1918 - 30 April 1996). Both spellings are probably Anglicizations of his Russian name.

J. Robert Oppenheimer, Atomic physicist; Julius Robert Oppenheimer (New York City 22 April 1904 - 18 February 1967).

Terry O'Quinn, Actor, Terry Quinn, (USA, 1952).

Tony Orlando, Singer, Michael Anthony Orlando Cassavitis, (USA, 1944).

Eugene Ormandy, Violinist, Conductor; Jeno Blau (Budapest 18 November 1899 - 12 March 1985).

Ed O'Ross, Actor; Edward Orss (Pensacola, Florida 4 July 1949).

Ben Orr, Singer; Benjamin Orzechowski (Cleveland, Ohio 8 September 1947 - 3 October 2000).

P. J. O'Rourke, Reactionary writer; Patrick Jake O'Rourke (Toledo, Ohio 14 November 1947).

Joe Orton, Writer; John Kingsley Orton (Leicester, England 1 January 1933 - 9 August 1967).

George Orwell, Journalist, novelist, Eric Arthur Blair (England 1903-1950).

Bud Osborne, Cowboy Actor, (Credited with 381 movies) Lennie B. Osborne, (USA, 1884-1964).

Super Dave Osborne, Comedian; Robert Kel Einstein aka Bob Einstein (Lost Angeles, California 20 November 1942). Son of Harry Parke aka Parkyakarkas.

Helen Osbourne, Journalist; née Helen Dawson (Newcastle Upon Tyne 11 March 1939 - 12 January 2004

Ozzy Osbourne, Heavy metal musician, television celebrity; John Michael Osbourne (Birmingham, England 3 December 1948). Founder member of Black Sabbath.

Sharon Osbourne, Heavy-Metal Matriarch née Sharon Arden (London 9 October 1952). Wife of Ozzy.

Charles Osgood, Newscater; Charles Osgood Wood III. (New York City 8 January 1933).

KT Oslin, Country Singer; Kay Toinette Oslin (Crossett, Arkansas 15 May 1942).

Marie Osmond, Singer; Olive Marie Osmond (USA).

Ossian, Poet, James McPherson, (Scotland, 1736-1796).

Gilbert O'Sullivan, Singer, songwriter, Raymond Edward O'Sullivan (Waterford, Ireland 1 December 1946).

Bashful Brother Oswald, Dobro player, guitarist and banjo player; Beecher Ray Kirby aka Pete Kirby, (Sevierville, Tennessee 26 December 1911 - 17 October 2002).

Lee Harvey Oswald, Assassin; Lee Harvey Oswald (New Orleans, Louisiana 18 October 1939- 24 November 1963, Dallas). Shot by Jack Ruby.

Clyde Otis, Songwriter and record producer; Clyde Lovern Otis (Prentice, Mississippi 1924 - 8 January 2008).

Johnny Otis, Singer, John Veliotes, (USA, 1924).

Annette O'Toole, Actor; Annette Toole (Houston,
Texas 1 April 1953). Birth year appears variously as 1952, 53, 54.

Peter O'Toole, Actor; Peter Seamus O'Toole (England 2 August 1932). Some sources have his birthplace in Ireland.

Tÿcho Brahe Ottosøn, Astronomer; Tyge Brahe, adopted the Latinised form Tycho at around age fifteen ( Knudstrup, Skåne, Denmark 14 December 1546 - 2 September 1627).

Toussaint L'Ouverture, Freedom fighter; François Dominique Toussaint Bréda (Bréda, Haiti 20 May 1743 - 7 April 1803).

Ovid, Poet; Publius Ovidius Naso (Sulmo, Italy 20 March 43 BC - 17 AD).

Bill Owen, Comedy actor, William John Owen Rowbotham (England 1914-1999).

Buck Owens, Country singer, guitarist, songwriter; Alvis Edgar Owens (Sherman, Texas 12 August 1929).

Gary Owens, Television announcer, Gary Altman, (USA, 1936).

Jesse Owens, Athlete; James Cleveland Owens (Danville, Alabama 12 September 1913 - 31 March 1980). His nickname apparently came from a teacher mishearing J C Owens.

Shirley Owens, Singer, married to become Shirley Owens Alston (Passaic, New Jersey 10 June 1941).

Tex Owens, Country music singer and songwriter; Doie Hensley Owens (Killeen, Texas, 15 June 1892 - 9 September 1962). Brother of Texas Ruby, father of Laura Lee Owens McBride.

Jenna von Oy, Television actor, Jennifer Jean von Oy (USA, 1977).

Frank Oz, Writer and Muppet voices (Miss Piggy), Frank Oznowicz (England, 1944).

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