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E  El  Em

Eminem, Rapper, Marshall Bruce Mathers III, (Kansas City, Missouri, 17 October, 1972). Some sources suggest 1973.

Brian Eno, Musician; Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno (Woodbridge 15 May 1948).

Peg Entwistle, Actor; Lillian Millicent Entwistle (Port Talbot, Wales 6 February 1908 - 18 September 1932).

Enya, Celtic singer, Eithne ní Bhraonáin, (Donegal, Eire, 1961).

Brian Epstein, Rock Manager; Brian Samuel Epstein (Liverpool, England 19 september 1934 - 27 August 1967).

Desiderius Erasmus, Scholar, author and theologian, Gerhard Gerhards, (Netherlands, 1467-1536).

Richard Erdmann, Actor; John Richard Erdmann (Oklahoma 1 June 1925).

Leif Erickson, Actor, William Anderson, (USA, 1911-1986).

M.C. Escher, Graphic artist, Maurits Cornelius Escher, (Netherlands, 1898-1972).

Evan Esar, Humorist and humorologist; Esar Levine (New Jesrey 2 July 1899 - 9 December 1995).

Auguste Escoffier, Chef; Georges Auguste Escoffier (Villeneuve-Loubet, France 28 October 1846 - 12 February 1935).

Boomer Esiason, Sportscaster; Norman Julius Esiason (West Islip, New York 17 April 1961).

David Essex, Actor, Singer  David Albert Cook (Plaistow, England, 23rd July 1947).

Gloria Estefan, Singer, Gloria Maria Fajardo, (Cuba, 1957).

Will Estes, Actor; William Estes Nipper (Los Angeles, California 21 October 1978).

Erik Estrada, Actor; Henry Enrique Estrada (Harlem, New York 16 March 1949).

Little Eva, Singer; Eva Narcissus Boyd (Belhaven, North Carolina 29 June 1943 - 10 April 2003).

Dale Evans, Actor/singer; Lucille Wood Smith (USA, 1912).

Gene Evans, Actor; Eugene Barton Evans (Holbrook, Arizona 11 July 1922 - 1 April 1998).

Godfrey Evans, Cricketer; Thomas Godfrey Evans (England, 1920-99).

Judi Evans, Actor; Judi Evans Luciano (Montebello, California 12 July 1966).

Linda Evans, Actor; Linda Evanstad (Hartford, Connecticut 18 November 18, 1942).

Madge Evans, Silent & talkies Actor, Margherita Evans, (USA, 1909-1981).

Robert Evans, Actor; Robert J. Shapera (New York City 29 June 1930).

Kim Evenson, Playboy playmate, Actor, Kimberly Evenson, (USA, 1962).

Chad Everett, Actor, Raymond Lee Cramton (USA, 1936)

Kenny Everett, Entertainer  Maurice Cole (1943-1994).

Don Everly, Singer; Isaac Donald Everly (Brownie, Kentucky 1 February 1937).

Phil Everly, Singer; Philip Everly (Chicago, Illinois 18 January 1939).

Chris Evert, Tennis player; Christine Marie Evert Mill, from 1979 - 1987, she was known as Chris Evert-Lloyd (Fort Lauderdale, Florida 21 December 1954).

Evita, Statesperson; Eva Maria Duarte de Peron (Los Toldos, Argentina 7 May 1919 - 26 July 1952).

Judith Campbell Exner, Mistress to President John F. Kennedy; Judith Katherine Inmoor (New York 11 January 1934 - 25 September 1999). She became Judith Campbell at her first marriage and then Judith Exner with her second.

Tom Ewell, Actor; Samuel Yewell Tompkins (29 April 1909 - 12 September 1994).

Margaret Ewing, Politician; née Margaret Anne McAdam (Glasgow, Lanarkshire 1 September 1945 - 21 March 2006). Known as Maggie Bain during her first marriage.

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