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Ha  Ham  Har  Harris  Hat  He  Hen  Hi  Ho  Hoo  Howard  Hu

George Hamilton IV; Singer; George Hamilton IV (Winston-Salem, North Carolina. 19 July 1937).

George Hamilton, Actor; George Stevens Hamilton IV (Memphis, Tennessee 12 August 1939). Noted for his orange tan.

Margaret Hamilton, Actor; Margaret Brainard Hamilton (Cleveland, Ohio 9 December 1902 - 16 May 1985).

Neil Hamilton, Silents and Talkies Actor (Commissioner Gordon - "Batman"), James Neil Hamilton, (USA, 1899-1984).

Willie Hamilton, Politician and teaser of Britain's Royal Family; William Winter Hamilton (England 1917 - 2000).

Lord Hamlyn, Publisher; Paul Bertrand Hamburger aka Hamlyn aka Baron Hamlyn (Berlin, 12 February 1926 - 31 August 2001, London).

Mia Hamm, Soccer player; Mariel Margret Hamm (Selma, Alabama 17 March 1972).

M.C. Hammer, Rap singer, Stanley Kirk Burrell, (Oakland, California, 30 March 1962). AKA Master of Ceremonies Hammer; Hammer; Hammerman.

Dashiell Hammett, Author, Samuel Dashiell Hammett, (USA, 1894-1961).

Walter Hampden, Stage, Actor, Walter Hampden Dougherty, (USA, 1879-1955).

Lionel Hampton, Musician and bandleader; Lionel Leo Hampton (Louisville, Kentucky 12 April 1909 - 31 August 2002).

Knut Hamsun, Author, Knut Petersen Hamsund, (Norway, 1859-1952).

Tony Hancock, Actor; Anthony John Hancock (Hall Green, Birmingham 12 May 1924 - 25 June 1968).

George Frideric Handel, Composer; Georg Friederich Händel (Halle, Saxony 23 February 1685 - 14 April 1759).

Ruth Handler, Inventor of the Barbie doll; née Ruth Mosko (Denver, Colorado 4 November 1916 - 27 April 2002). Barbie's full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts.

W.C. Handy, "Father of the Blues"; William Christopher Handy (Florence, Alabama, 16 November 1873 - 28 March 1958, New York City). He wrote St. Louis Blues and Beale Street Blues.

Anne Haney, Actor; Anne Ryan Thomas (Memphis, Tennessee 4 Mar 1934 - 26 May 2001).

The Hanging Judge, Judge in Fort Smith, Arkansas; Isaac Charles Parker (Barnesville, Ohio 15 October 1838 - 17 November 1896).

Tom Hanks, Actor, Thomas J. Hanks (Oakland, California, 1956).

Daryl Hannah, Actor; Daryl Christine Hannah (Chicago, Illinois 1960).

James Owen Hannay, Clergyman/author, George A. Birmingham, (Ireland, 1865-1950).

Alyson Hannigan

Allison Lee Hannigan

Washington, DC
24 March 1974

Alyson Hannigan

Joseph Hansom, Designer of the Hansom cab; Joseph Aloysius Hansom (York, England 26 October 1803 - 29 June 1882).

Isaac Hanson, Musician; Clarke Isaac Hanson (Tulsa, Oklahoma 17 November 1980).

Taylor Hanson, Singer (Hanson); Jordan Taylor Hanson (Oklahoma, USA 1983).

Zachary Hanson, Singer (Hanson); Zachary Walker Hanson (Oklahoma, USA 1985).

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