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Clint Howard, Actor; Clinton E. Howard (Burbank, California 20 April 1959).

Curly Howard, Actor, jazz musician; one of the Three Stooges; Jerome Lester Horwitz (Brooklyn, NY, 22 October 1903 - 18 January 1952). Surname often listed as Horowitz

Jean Howard, Actor, photographer; Ernestine Hill (USA 1919-2000).

Jean Howard, Actor; Jean Speegle Howard (Duncan, Oklahoma 31 January 1927 - 2 September 2000). [Mother of Ron]

John Howard, Actor, John R. Cox Jr. (Bulldog Drummond) (USA, 1913-1995).

Leslie Howard, Stage/Actor, Leslie Howard Stainer (England 1893-1943).

Lila Kedrova Howard, Actor; née Lila Kedrova (Russia 9 October 1918 - 20 April 2000).

Moe Howard, Actor; Moses Horwitz (Brooklyn, New York 19 June 1897 - 4 May 1975). One of the original Three Stooges. Surname often listed as Horowitz.

Rance Howard, Actor; Harold Rance Beckenholdt (Oklahoma 17 November 1928). [Father of Ron]

Ron Howard, Film director and actor; Ronald William Howard (Duncan, Oklahoma 1 March 1954). [Father of Dallas Bryce]

Shemp Howard, Actor; Samuel Horwitz (Brooklyn, New York 4 March 1895 - 22 November 1955). One of the original Three Stooges. Surname often listed as Horowitz

Susan Howard, Actor, Jeri Lynn Mooney, (USA, 1944).

Traylor Howard, Actor; Traylor Elizabeth Howard (Orlando, Florida 14 June 1966). Has also been credited as Traylor Hall.

Trevor Howard, Actor; Trevor Wallace Howard-Smith (Cliftonville, Kent, England 29 September 1913 - 7 January 1988).

C. Thomas Howell, Actor, Christopher Thomas Howell, (USA, 1966).

Frankie Howerd, Comedian; Francis Howard (1922 - 1994)

Howlin' Wolf, Blues Singer, Chester Arthur Burnett (White Station, Mississippi 10 June 1910 - 10 January 1976).

John Hoyt, Actor; John Hoysradt (Bronxville, New York 5 October 1905 - 15 September 1991).

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