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RL Stine, Author; Robert Lawrence Stine (Columbus, Ohio 8 October 1943).

Sting, Singer, songwriter, Gordon Matthew Sumner (Wallsend, Newcastle 2 October 1951).

Michael Stipe, Actor/producer/composer, John Michael Stipe, (USA, 1960).

Linda Stirling, Actor; Louise Schultz (Long Beach, California 11 October 1921 - 20 July 1997).

Dean Stockwell, Actor, Robert Dean Stockwell, (North Hollywood, California 5 March 1936).

Elvis Stojko, Ice skater; Elvis Steven Stojko (Newmarket, Ontario 22 March 1972).

Bram Stoker, Author and creator of Dracula; Abraham Stoker (Dublin, 8 November 1847 - 20 April 1912).

Leopold Stokowski, Conductor; Antoni Stanislaw Boleslawawicz (London, England 18 April 1882 - 13 September 1977).

Cliffie Stone, Musician, broadcaster and record company executive  Clifford Gilpin Snyder (USA, 1917-98).

Doug Stone, Country Singer; Douglas Jackson
Brooks (Marietta, Georgia 19 June 1956).

Ezra Stone, Actor; Ezra Chaim Feinstone (New Bedford Massachusetts 2 December 1917 - 3 March 1994).

George E. Stone, George Stein, Actor (Poland, 1902-1967).

Harold J. Stone, Actor; Harold Hochstein (New York City 13 March 1913). Birth date is likely, but not certain; many alternatives get quoted.

IF Stone, Investigative journalist; Isador Feinstein Stone (Philadelphia 24 December 1907 - 17 July 1989).

Irving Stone, Novelist; Irving Tennenbaum (San Francisco 14 July 1903 - 26 August 1989).

Lewis Stone, Actor; Lewis Shepard Stone (Worcester, Massachusetts 15 November 1879 - 12 September 1953).

Oliver Stone, Film director; William Oliver Stone (New York City 15 September 1946).

Sly Stone, Singer; Sylvester Stewart (Dallas, Texas 15 March 1944).

The Three Stooges were Joe DeRita, Larry Fine, Curly Howard, Moe Howard, Shemp and Joe Besser.

Paul Stookey, Singer; Noel Paul Stookey (Baltimore, Maryland 30 December 1937). He was the 'Paul' in Peter, Paul and Mary.

Tom Stoppard, Playwright, theatre director, Tomas Straussler, (Zlin, Czechoslovakia 3 July 1937).

Gale Storm, Josephine Owaissa Cottle, Actor, (USA, 5 April 1922).

Hannah Storm, television host; Hannah Storen (Oak Park, Illinois 13 June 1962).

Rory Storm, Singer; Alan Caldwell (Liverpool, England 7 July 1940 - 27 Sepember 1972). Leader of Rory Storm & The Hurricanes.

Tempest Storm, Stripper; Annie Blanche Banks (Eastman, Georgia 29 February 1928).

Madeleine Stowe

Madeleine Stowe Mora

18 August 18, 1958
Eagle Rock, California

Madeleine Stowe

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