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Sibelius, Composer; Johann Julius Christian Sibelius (Tavastehus, Finland, 8 December 1865 - 20 September 1957).

Walter Sickert, Walter Richard Sickert; Painter (Munich 31 May 1860 - 22 January1942). Thought by some to be Jack the Ripper, a rumour floored only by lack of evidence.

Sylvia Sidney, Actor; Sophia Kosow (Bronx, New York 8 August 1910 - 2 July 1999).

Emily Sidonie, Actor; Emily Grossman (London 1984).

Bugsy Siegel, Gangster; Benjamin Hymen Siegelbaum (Brooklyn, New York 28 February 1906 - 20 June 1947).

Siegfried [of Siegfried and Roy], Illusionist; Siegfried Fischbacher (Rosenheim, Bavaria 13 June 1939).

Casey Siemaszko, Actor; Kazimierz Siemaszko (Chicago, Illinois 17 March 1961).

Simone Signoret, Actor, Simone Kaminker, (Germany, 1921).

Silkk The Shocker, Rap artist; Zyshonne Miller.

Beverly Sills, Operatic soprano; Belle Silverman (Brooklyn, New York 25 May 1929).

Carmen Silvera, Actor; Carmen Blanche Silvera (Toronto, Ontario 2 June 1922 - 3 August 2002).

Ron Silver, Actor; Ron Zimelman (New York City 2 July 1946).

Jay Silverheels, Actor; Harold Jay Smith (Ontario, Canada 26 May 1919 - 5 March 1980). Played Tonto to Clayton Moore's TV Lone Ranger (from 1949-1957). FAQ - Spelling

Sarah Silverman, Comedian; Sarah Kate Silverman (Bedford, New Hampshire 2 December 1970).

Phil Silvers, Actor; Philip Silversmith (Brooklyn, New York 11 May 1912 - 1 November 1985). 'Sergeant Bilko'

Shel Silverstein, Singer, songwriter, cartoonist and writer; Shelby Silverstein (USA, 1932-99).

Georges Simenon, Novelist; Georges Joseph Christian Simenon (Liège, Belgium 13 February 1903 - 4 September 1989). Also wrote with the pen name Georges Sim.

Adele Simpson, Fashion Designer; née Smithline (New York 8 December 1903 - 23 August 1995).

Joan Sims, Movie (Carry on Comedies)/Television actor, Irene Joan Marion Sims, (Laindon, Essex, England, 9 May 1930 - 27 June 2001).

Zoot Sims, Jazz tenor saxophonist, clarinet; John Haley Sims (Inglewood, California 29 October 1925 - 23 March, 1985).

Dick Simmons, Actor; Richard W. Simmons (St. Paul, Minnesota 19 August 1913 - 11 January 2003).

Gene Simmons, Rock Musician, Chaim Witz, (Israel, 1949).

Jean Simmons, Actor; Jean Merilyn Simmons (Crouch Hill, London 31 January 1929).

Richard Simmons, Fitness promotor; Milton Teagle Simmons (New Orleans, Louisiana 12 July 1948).

Neil Simon, Marvin Neil Simon, Writer, playwright, (Bronx, New York 4 July 1927).

Nina Simone, Singer and musician; "High Priestess of Soul", Eunice Kathleen Waymon (Tryon, North Carolina, 21 February 1933 - 21 April 2003).

O. J. Simpson, Sportman and actor; Orenthal James Simpson (San Francisco 9 July 1947). Also known as "The Juice".

Frank Sinatra,

Francis Albert Sinatra

Hoboken, New Jersey
12 December 1915 - 14 May 1998

Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra, Jr., Singer; Franklin Wayne Emmanuel Sinatra (Jersey City, New Jersey 10 January 1944).

Sinbad, David Adkins, Comic/Television actor (USA, 1956).

Madge Sinclair, Actor; Madge Dorita Sinclair Compton (Jamaica 28 April 1938 - 20 December 1995).

Penny Singleton, Actor; Mariana Dorothy Agnes Letitia McNulty (Philadelphia 15 September 1908 - 12 November 2003).

Siouxsie Sioux, Singer [Siouxsie & the Banshees]; aka Susan Ballion (London, England 27 May 1957).

Charlie Siringo, Author, Pinkerton Range Detective; Charles Angelo Siringo (Matagorda County, Texas 7 February 1855 - 18 October 1928).

Douglas Sirk, Film director; Claus Detlef Sierck (Hamburg, Germany 26 April 1900 - 14 January 1987).

Tony Sirico, Actor; Genaro Sirico (Brooklyn, New York 29 July 1942).

Sisqo, Singer (Dru Hill); Mark Durell Andrews(Baltimore, Maryland USA: 1978).

Sitting Bull, Native American leader, Tatanka Iotake, (USA, 1831-1890).

Nikki Sixx, bassist (Mötley Crüe); Frank Carlton Serafino Ferrano (San Jose, California 11 December 1958).

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