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Turkey Stearnes, Baseball Hall of Famer; Norman Thomas Stearnes (Nashville, Tennessee 8 May 1901 - 4 September 1979).

Ray Steckler, Film maker; Ray Dennis Steckler (Reading, Pennsylvania 1939). Also known as Cash Flagg, and numerous other pseudonyms, including Sven Christian, Sven Hellstrom, Harry Nixon, Michael J. Rogers, Wolfgang Schmidt, and Cindy Lou Sutters.

Danielle Steel, Author; Danielle Fernande Schuelein-Steel (New York City 14 August 1947).

Dawn Steel, Film studio executive and producer; Dawn Spielberg (Manhattan, New York19 August 1946 - 20 December 1997).

Bob Steele, Silent /talkies/Actor, Robert Adrian Bradbury, (USA, 1907-1988).

George "The Animal" Steele, Professional wrestler, Actor, Jim Myers, (USA, 1937).

Tommy Steele, Singer  Thomas Hicks (UK 1936).

Lincoln Steffens, Journalist; Joseph Lincoln Steffens (San Francisco, California 6 April 1866 - 9 August 1936).

Rod Steiger; Actor; Rodney Stephen Steiger (Westhampton, New York 14 April 1925 - 9 July 2002).

Henry Englehard Steinway, Organ/piano maker, Heinrich Englehard Steinweg, (Germany, 1797-1871).

Stendhal, Writer; Marie-Henri Beyle (Grenoble, France 23 January 1783 - 23 March 1842).

Casey Stengel, Baseball player/manager/Hall of famer, Charles Dillon Stengel, (USA, 1891-1975).

Nicole Stéphane, Actor; Nicole de Rothschild (Paris, France 27 may 1923 - 14 March 2007).

Ford Sterling, Silents and Talkies Actor George Ford Stich, (USA, 1880-1939). (was chief of the original "Keystone Kops")

Jan Sterling, Actor; Jane Sterling Adriance (New York City 3 April 1921 - 26 March 2004).

Robert Sterling, William Sterling Hart, Actor, (USA, 1917).

April Stevens, Singer; Carol LoTempio (Niagara Falls, New York 29 April 1936). Sister of Nino Tempo

Cat Stevens, Singer; Steven Demetre Georgiou aka Jusef Islam (London 21 July 1947).

Connie Stevens, Actor  Concetta Ingolia (USA 1938).

Craig Stevens, Television actor (Peter Gunn), Gail Shikles Jr., (USA, 1918-2000).

Dodie Stevens, Singer and Actor, Geraldine Ann Pasquale, (USA, 1946).

Fisher Stevens, Actor; Steven Fisher (Chicago, Illinois 27 November 1963).

Inger Stevens, Actor; Inger Stensland (Stockholm, Sweden 18 October 1934 - 30 April 1970).

K.T. Stevens, Actor, Gloria Wood, (USA, 1919-1994).

Mark Stevens, Actor, Richard Stevens, (USA, 1916-1994).

Ray Stevens, Harold Ray Ragsdale Singer (USA, 1939).

Risë Stevens, Opera mezzo-soprano; Risë Steenberg; (New York City 11 June 1913).

Shadoe Stevens, Actor/announcer, Terry Ingstad, (USA, 1947).

Shakin' Stevens; Singer; Michael Barratt (Ely, Cardiff 4 March 1948).

Stella Stevens, Actor, Estelle Eggleston, (USA, 1936).

BW Stevenson, Singer; Louis C. Stevenson (Dallas, Texas 5 October 1949 - 28 April 1988).

McLean Stevenson, Actor; Edgar McLean Stevenson, Jr. (Normal, Illinois 14 November 1927 - 15 February 1996).

Parker Stevenson, Actor, Richard Stevenson Parker, (USA, 1952).

Robert Louis Stevenson, Poet, Novelist; Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894).

Steve-O, Performer; Steven Gilchrist Glover (Wimbledon, London 13 June 1974).

Ed Stewart, Disc jockey Edward Mainwaring (UK 1941).

French Stewart, Actor; Milton French Stewart (Albuquerque, New Mexico 20 February 1964).

James Stewart, Actor; James Maitland Steward (Pennsylvania, USA 20 May 1908 2 July 1997 Los Angeles, California).

Jon Stewart, Television host/Actor, Jonathan Stewart Leibowitz, (USA, 1962).

Martha Stewart, Style guide; Martha Helen Stewart, née Martha Helen Kostyra (Jersey City, New Jersey 3 August 1941).

Martha Stewart, Actor; Martha Haworth (Bardwell, Kentucky 7 October 1922).

Paul Stewart, Actor, Paul Stemberg, (USA, 1908-1986).

Paul Anthony Stewart, Actor; Paul Anthony Tomaccio (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 23 February 1970).

Payne Stewart, Golfer, William Payne Stewart (USA, 1957-99).

Rod Stewart, Singer; Roderick David Stewart (Highgate, London 10 January 1945).

Sandy Stewart, Singer; Sandra Galitz (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 10 July 1937).

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