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Sa  San  Sc  Se  Sha  She  Si  Sk  Sm  So  Sta  Ste  Sti  Str  Su

Shaggy, Reggae singer; Orville Richard Burrell on (Rae Town, Kingston, Jamaica 22 October 1968).

William Shakespeare, Dramatist and Poet; William Shakespeare (1564-1616).

Shakira, Singer; Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll (Barranquilla, Colombia 9 February 1977).

Tupac Amaru Shakur, Rapper; Lesane Parish Crooks (Brooklyn, NY 1971).

Shamu, First killer whale to be born in captivity and survive; Kalina (SeaWorld, Florida 26 September 1985). Shamu is the stage name of many killer whales at SeaWorld.

Bob Shane, A founder member of The Kingston Trio, Bob Schoen (Hawaii 1 February 1934).

Ntozake Shange, Playright, poet; Paulette Williams (Trenton, New Jersey 18 October 1948).

Shanice, Singer/dancer Shanice Wilson, (USA, 1973). First musical guest on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno".

Ravi Shankar, Sitar player; Robindra Shankar (Veranasi, India 7 April 1920).

Bill Shankly, Footballer and football manager; William Shankly. (Scotland, 1913-1981).

Del Shannon, Singer; Charles Weedon Westove, (Coopersville, Michigan 30 December 1934 – 8 February 1990).

Natan Sharansky, Zionist; Anatoly Borisovich Shcharansky (Donetsk, Ukraine 20 January 1948).

Omar Sharif, Actor; Michael Shalhoub (Alexandria, Egypt 10 April 1932).

Jack Sharkey, Heavyweight boxer; Joseph Paul Zukauskas (Binghamton, New York 26 October 1902 - 17 August 1994).

Ariel Sharon, Prime Minister of Israel; Ariel Shinerman (Kafr Malal, Palestine 1928).

Dee Dee Sharp, Singer; Dione LaRue (Philadelphia 9 September 1945).

Grant Shaud, Actor; Edward Shaud III (Evanston, Illinois 27 February 1961).

Mickey Shaughnessy, Actor; Joseph Michael Shaughnessy (New York City 5 August 1920 - July 23, 1985).

Artie Shaw, Band leader; Arthur Jacob Arshawsky (East Manhattan, New York City 23 May 1910 - 30 December, 2004). Also known as Art; and occasionally stated to be Abraham.

Fiona Shaw CBE, Actor and theatre director; Fiona Mary Wilson (County Cork, Ireland 10 July 1958).

George Bernard Shaw, Dramatist, Socialist and free thinker; George Bernard Shaw (Ireland, 1856-1926).

Irwin Shaw, Novelist and playwright; Irwin Gilbert Shamforoff (New York, New York 27 February 1913 - 16 May 1984).

Sandie Shaw, Singer, née Sandra Ann Goodrich, (Dagenham Essex 26 February 1947). Tended to perform shoeless, to the endless fascination of camera crews.

Thomas Edward Shaw, Archeologist/soldier, Thomas Edward Lawrence, aka Lawrence of Arabia, (used Shaw pseudonym beginning in 1927), (England, 1885-1935).

Victoria Shaw, Actor; Jeanette Elphick, (USA, 1935-1988).

Dick Shawn, Actor; Richard Schulefand, (USA, 1929-1987).

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