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Bertie Smalls, Supergrass and robber; Derek Creighton Smalls (London 1935 - 31 January 2008).

Yakov Smirnoff, Comedian; Yakov Naumovich Pokhis (Odessa, Ukraine 24 January 1951).

Alexis Smith, Actor, Gladys Smith, (Canada, 1921-1993).

Anna Nicole Smith, Model, actor and full-time celebrity; Vickie Lynn Hogan, (Houston, Texas 28 November 1967 – 8 February 2007).

Betty Smith, Writer; née Sophina Elisabeth Wehner and became Keogh when her mother remarried, then became Betty Smith on marriage (Brooklyn New York15 December 1904 - 17 January 1972).

Buffalo Bob Smith, Robert Emil Schmidt, Television character (USA, 1917).

Connie Smith, Singer; née Constance June Meadows (Elkhart, Indiana 14 August 1941).

Cordwainer Smith, Author; Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger ( 11 July 1913 - 6 August 1966). Also wrote under the pseudonyms Carmichael Smith, Anthony Bearden and Felix C. Forrest.

Sir C. Aubrey Smith, Actor; Charles Aubrey Smith, (England, 1863-1948).

Dodie Smith, Author; Dorothy Gladys Smith (Whitefield, Lancashire 3 May 1896 - 24 November 1990).

E. E. 'Doc' Smith, Science fiction author; Edward Elmer Smith (Sheboygan, Wisconsin 2 May 1890 - 31 August 1965).

Jaclyn Smith, Actor; Ellen Jaclyn Smith (Houston, Texas 26 October 1947).

Jerome Smith, Guitarist; Jerome Smith (Hialeah, Florida 18 June 1953 - 28 July 2000).

John Smith, Actor; Robert Van Orden (Los Angeles, California 6 March 1931 - 25 January 1995).

Kate Smith,

Kathryn Elizabeth Smith
(Washington DC 1 May 1907 - 17 June 1986).

Kate Smith

Keely Smith, Singer; Dorothy Jaqueline Keely (Norfolk, Virginia 9 March 1932).

Kevin Smith, Actor; Kevin Tod Smith (Auckland, New Zealand 16 March 1963 - 18 February 2002 ).

Kurtwood Smith, Actor; Kurtwood Larson Smith (New Lisbon, Wisconsin 3 July 1943).

Liz Smith, Journalist and gossip columnist; Mary Elizabeth Smith (Fort Worth, Texas 2 February 1923).

Maggie Smith, Actor; Dame Margaret Natalie Smith (Ilford, Essex 28 December 1934).

O. C. Smith, Singer; Ocie Lee Smith (Mansfield, Louisiana 21 June 1936 - 23 November 2001),

Ozzie Smith, Baseball Hall of Famer; Osborne Earl Smith ( Mobile, Alabama 26 December 1954); Nicknamed "The Wizard".

Prudence Smith, Broadcaster and writer; (South Africa 1923-2000).

"Red" Smith, Sports' Journalist; Walter Wellesley Smith, (USA, 1905).

Sammi Smith, Singer; Jewel Fay Smith (Orange, California 5 August 1943).

Shepard Smith, Newscaster; David Shepard Smith, Jr. (Holly Springs, Mississippi 14 January 1964).

Smokey Smith VC, Soldier and travel agent; Ernest Alvia Smith (New Westminster, British Columbia 3 May 1914 - 3 August 2005). He had been the last surviving Canadian holder of the Victoria Cross.

Stevie Smith, Poet; Florence Margaret Smith (UK 1902-71).

W. H. Smith, Newsagent, bookseller, politician; William Henry Smith, Jr.(London 1825-1891).

Will Smith, Actor and rapper; Willard Christopher Smith Jr (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 25 September 1968).

Yeardley Smith, Television and Movie ( voice dub) actor, Martha Maria Yeardley Smith, (USA, 1964).

Jan Smithers, Actor; Karin Jan Smithers (North Hollywood, California 3 July 1949).

Tom Smothers, Musician & comedian; Thomas Bolyn Smothers III (New York City, New York 2 February 1937).

Ann Smyrner, Actor, Hanne Smyrner, (Denmark, 1934).

Reg Smythe, Cartoonist, Reginald Smith (UK 1917-98).

Lemony Snicket, Author; nom de plume attributed to Daniel Handler (San Francisco 1970).

Dee Snider, Singer; David Daniel Snider (Massapequa, New York 15 March 1955).

Duke Snider, Baseball player: Edwin Donald Snider (Los Angeles, California 19 September 1926). Nicknamed "The Silver Fox".

Wesley Snipes, Actor; Wesley Snipes (Orlando, Florida., USA 31 July 1962).

Carrie Snodgress, Actor; Caroline Snodgress (Barrington, Illinois 27 October 1946).

Snoop Dogg, Rap Singer and Actor, Calvin Broadus, (USA, 1972).

Snow, Rapper; Darrin O'Brien (North York, Ontario 30 October 1969).

C. P. Snow, Baron Snow, Scientist and writer; Charles Percy Snow (Leicester, England 15 October 1905 - 1 July 1980).

Hank Snow, Singer, Guitarist; Clarence Eugene Snow (Canada, 1914 -99).

Phoebe Snow, Singer; Phoebe Laub (New York City, New York 17 July 1952).

Sebastian Snow, Explorer; Sebastian Edward Farquason Snow (Midhurst, Sussex 21 January 1929 - 20 April 2001). Probably the last eccentric English explorer.

Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder, Gambler; Demetrios Georgios Synodinos (Steubenville, Ohio 19 September 1919 - 21 April 1996).

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