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Robert Stack, Actor, Charles Langford Modini Stack (Los Angeles, California 13 January 1919 – 14 May 2003).

James Stacy, Actor; Maurice William Elias (Los Angeles 23 December 1936).

Reo Stakis, Hotelier; Argyros Anastasis (Kato Drys, Cyprus 13 March 1913 - 28 August 2001).

Joseph Stalin, Political leader, Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, (Georgia 1879-1953) Stalin means 'man of steel'.

Sylvester Stallone, Actor; Sylvester Enzio Stallone (New York, 6 July 1946).

John Stamos, Actor; John Stamotopoulos (Cypress, California 19 August 1963).

Burt. L. Standish, Author (Frank Merriwell books) Gilbert Patten, (USA, 1866-1945).

Constantin Stanislavsky, Actor, director; Konstantin Sergeyevich Alekseyev, (Russia, 1863-1938).

Florence Stanley, Actor; Florence Schwartz (Chicago, Illinois 1 July 1924 - 3 October 2003).

Sir Henry Morton Stanley, Journalist; John Rowlands (Denbigh, Wales 28 January 1841 - 10 May 1904). Also known as Bula Matari; Breaker of Rocks in Congolese. See Dr. Livingstone (I presume?)

Kim Stanley, Actor; Patricia Beth Reed (Tularosa, New Mexico 11 February 1925 - 20 August 2001).

Paul Stanley, Rhythm Guitarist, Vocals; Stanley Harvey Eisen (New York, USA 1952).

Eric Stanton, Illustrator; Ernest Stanzone (USA, 1926-99).

Barbara Stanwyck, Actor  Ruby Stevens (USA 1907-90).

Pops Staples, Songwriter; Roebuck Staples (Winona, Mississippi 28 December 1915 - 19 December 2000).

Jean Stapleton, Actor; Jeanne Murray (New York City 19 January 1923).

Maureen Stapleton, Actor; Lois Maureen Stapleton (Troy, New York 21 June 1925 - 13 March 2006).

Jo Jo Starbuck, Ice skater, Alicia Starbuck, (USA, 1951).

Alvin Stardust, Singer;  Bernard Jewry (UK 1943) Also sang as Shane Fenton.

Willie Stargell, Professional baseball player; Wilver Dornell Stargell ( 6 March 1940 - 9 April 2001).

Koo Stark

Kathleen Dee-Anne Norris née Stark

USA 26 April 1956

Koo Stark

Bart Starr, Hall of Fame Quarterback; Bryan Bartlett Starr (Montgomery, Alabama 9 January 1934).

Belle Starr, Myramm Belle Shirley, Female Bandit, (USA, 1848-1889).

Edwin Starr, Singer; Charles Edwin Hatcher (Nashville, Tennessee 21 January 1942 - 2 April 2003).

Freddie Starr, Comedian; Frederick Fowle AKA Fowell (Liverpool, England 1943).

Kay Starr, Singer; Katherine LaVerne Starks (Dougherty, Oklahoma 21 July 1922).

Ringo Starr, Drummer, actor  Richard Starkey (Liverpool, England 7 July 1940). Member of The Beatles; says his name came from an excess of rings.

Candi Staton, Singer; Canzetta Maria Staton (Hanceville, Alabama 13 March 1940).

Dakota Staton, Singer; Aliyah Rabia (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 3 June 1931).

Claus von Stauffenberg, Soldier; Claus Philipp Maria Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg (Jettingen, Germany 15 November 1907 - 20 July 1944).

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