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Brian Tobin, Politican; Brian Vincent Tobin (Stephenville, Newfoundland 21 October 1954).

Alexis de Tocqueville, Statesman; Alexis Charles Henri Maurice Clérel de Tocqueville (Verneuil, France 29 July 1805 - 16 April 1859).

Mike Todd, aka Michael Todd, Showman; Avrom Hirsch Goldbogen (Minneapolis, Minnesota 22 June 1907 - 22 March 1958).

Richard Todd, Actor; Richard Andrew Palethorpe-Todd (Dublin 11 June 1919).

Tokyo Rose, Accused traitor; Iva Ikuko Toguri until she married Felipe d'Aquino in 1945 (USA 1917). Imprisoned for ten years for broadcasting treachery to US forces, pardoned by President Gerald Ford - his last official act in office - 19 July 1977.

Leo Tolstoy, Author, Tolstoy Lev Nikolayevich, (Russia, 1828-1910).

"General Tom Thumb", Circus midget, Charles Stratton, (USA, 1838-1883).

J.R.R.Tolkein, Author; John Ronald Reuel Tolkein (Bloemfontein, South Africa 3 January 1892 - 2 September 1973).

Lily Tomlin, Actor, Mary Jean Tomlin, (USA, 1939).

Franchot Tone, Actor, Stanislas Pascal Franchot Tone, (USA, 1905-1968).

Tone-Loc, Singer; Anthony Smith (Los Angeles 6 March 1966). Stage name derives from Spanish nickname, Antonio Loco.

Tongolele, Dancer, film actor; Yolanda Ivonne Móntez Farrington (Spokane, Washington 3 January 1932).

Topol, Actor ("Fiddler On The Roof"), Chaim Topol, (Palestine, 1935).

Peter Tork, Singer and musician, Peter Halsten Thorkelson, (USA, 1942) ("The Monkees").

Mel Tormé, Singer/songwriter; Melvin Howard Torme (USA, 1925-99).

Rip Torn, Actor, Elmore Rual Torn Jr., (USA, 1931).

Raquel Torres, Actor; Paula Marie Osterman (Hermosillo, Mexico 11 November 1908 - 10 August 1987).

Peter Tosh, Singer, guitarist; Winston Hubert McIntosh (Church Lincoln, Westmoreland, Jamaica 9 October 1944 - 11 September 1987).

Ron Townson, Singer; Ronald Townson (St Louis, Missouri, 20 January 1933 - 2 August 2001). sang with the Fifth Dimension.

Arthur Tracy, Singer and Actor ("The Street Singer"), Abba Avrom Tracovutsky, (Moldavia, 1899-1977).

Lee Tracy, Actor, William Lee Tracy, (USA, 1898-1968).

Spencer Tracy, Film actor; Spencer Bonaventure Tracy
(Milwaukee, Wisconsin 5 April 1900 - 10 June 1967).

Trajan, Roman Emperor; Trajan Marcus Ulpius Nerva Traianus (Italica, Spain 18 September 53 - 9 August 117).

Maria von Trapp, Singer; Maria Augusta von Kutschera (Vienna 25 January 1905 - 28 March 1987).

Daniel J.Travanti, Actor; Danielo Giovanni Travanti (Kenosha, Wisconsin 7 Mar 1940).

Henry Travers, Actor; Travers Heagerty (Berwick-on-Tweed 5 March 1874 - 18 October 1965).

Mary Travers, Singer; Mary Ellin Travers (Louisville, Kentucky 9 November 1936). She was the 'Mary' in Peter, Paul and Mary.

P. L. Travers, Author; Helen Lyndon Goff, aka Pamela Lyndon Travers (Maryborough, Queensland, Australia 9 August 1899 - 23 April 1996).

Randy Travis, Randy Traywick, Country singer (USA, 1959).

Pie Traynor, Baseball hall of Famer; Harold Joseph Traynor (Framingham, Massachussetts 11 November 1899 - 16 March 1972).

Arthur Treacher, Stage and film Actor, Arthur Veary (Brighton, England 23 July 1894 - 14 December 1975).

Alex Trebek, Television host; George Alexander Trebek, born as Giorgi Suka-Alex Trebek (Sudbury, Ontario 22 July 1940).

Gloria Trevi, Singer, Gloria de Los Angeles Trevino Ruiz, (Mexico, 1970).

Austin Trevor, Actor, Austin Schilsky, (N. Ireland, 1897-1978).

Claire Trevor, Claire Wemlinger, Actor (USA, 1912-2000).

William Trevor, Author; William Trevor Cox (Mitchelstown, County Cork, Ireland 24 May 1928).

Trina, Rapper; Katrina Laverne Taylor (Miami, Florida 1978).

Travis Tritt, Country singer; James Travis Tritt (Marietta, Georgia 9 February 1963).

Leon Trotsky, Revolutionary, Lev Davidovich Bronstein (Russia 1879-1940)

Kilgore Trout, Science fiction writer, Philip Jose Farmer (USA).

Butch Trucks, Drummer, Allman Brothers Band; Claude Hudson Trucks, Junior (Jacksonville, Florida 11 May 1947).

Garry Trudeau, Cartoonist; Garretson Beekman Trudeau (New York City 21 July 1948). Creator of Doonesbury.

Margaret Trudeau, Once Canada's First Lady; née Margaret Sinclair (Vancouver, British Columbia 10 September 1948).

Trugoy the Dove, Singer; David Jude Jolicoeur (New York 21 September 1968).

Harry S. Truman, Statesman, Harry Truman (USA, 1884-1972).

Ivana Trump, Lucky in marriage, Ivana Marie Zelnickova, (Czechoslovakia, 1949).

Sojourner Truth, Abolitionist; Isabella van Wagener née Baumfree (some say Bomefree) (USA, 1797-1883).

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