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Harriet Tubman, Slavery abolitionist, Araminta Ross, (USA, 1820-1913) personally guided an estimated 300 slaves to freedom in Canada.

Barbara Tuchman, Historian and writer; née Barbara Wertheim (New York City 30 January 1912 - 6 February 1989).

Sophie Tucker, Entertainer Sophia Kalish (Russia 13 January 1884 - 9 February 1966). Family name was changed to Abuza on arrival in USA.

Tommy Tucker, R&B performer; Robert Higginbotham (Springfield, Ohio 5 March 1933 - 22 January 1982).

Sonny Tufts, Film actor, Bowen Charleston Tufts II (Boston, Massachussetts 16 July 1911 - 5 June 1970).

Tula, also known as Caroline Cossey, Actor; Barry Kenneth Cossey (Brooke, Norfolk 31 August 1954).

Tommy Tune, Actor, dancer, singer, choreographer; Thomas James Tune (Wichita Falls, Texas 28 February 1939).

Gene Tunney, Heavyweight boxing champion, James Joseph Tunney, (USA, 1898-1978).

Ike Turner, Musician and singer, Ike Wister Turner (Clarksdale, Mississippi 5 November 1931 - 12 December 2007) (former husband of Tina Turner).

Janine Turner, Actor (soap operas), Janine Gauntt, (USA, 1962).

Kathleen Turner, Actor, Mary Kathleen Turner, (USA, 1954).

Lana Turner, Julia Jean Mildred Frances Turner, Actor, (USA, 1920-1995).

Sammy Turner, Singer; Samuel Black (Paterson, New Jersey 2 June 1932).

Ted Turner, Broadcasting entrepeneur; Robert Edward Turner III (Cincinnati, Ohio 19 November 1938).

Tina Turner, Annie Mae Bullock, Singer (Nut Bush, Tennessee 26 November 1939).

Ben Turpin, Comic actor; Benjamin T. Turpin (September 17, 1869 - July 1, 1940).

Dick Turpin, Highwayman; Richard Turpin (Hempstead, Essex, England September 1705- 7 April 1739). Aka John Palmer.

Madame Tussaud, Marie Grosholtz, Museum founder (France, 1761-1850).

Mark Twain, Novelist, Samuel Langhorne Clemens (USA 1835 - 1910).

Shania Twain, Singer and songwriter; Eileen Regina Edwards (Windsor, Ontario August 28, 1965). Later adopted by Jerry Twain

Twiggy, Model, actor, singer, Leslie Hornby (England 1949).

Baby Twinkles, Actor; Florence Hunter (London, 12 August 1914 - 9 August 2000).

Twinkle, Singer and songwriter; Lynn Annette Ripley (Surbiton, England 15 July 1947).

Conway Twitty, Country singer; Harold Lloyd Jenkins, (Friars Point, Mississippi 1 September 1933 - 5 June 1993).

Bonnie Tyler, Singer; Gaynor Hopkins (Skewen, Swansea,
Wales, 8 June 1953).

Judy Tyler, Actor; Judith Mae Hess (Milwaukee, Wisconsin 9 October 1933 - 4 July 1957).

Liv Tyler, Actor; Liv Rundgren (Portland, Maine 1 July 1977). She was raised believing her father to be Todd Rundgren, with whom her mother was living.

Steven Tyler, Singer (Aerosmith), Steven Tallarico, (USA, 1948).

Kathleen Tynan, Author, Kathleen Jeanette Halton, (USA, 1937-1995).

Ken Tynan, Critic and writer; Kenneth Peacock Tynan (UK).

Typhoid Mary,Spreader of disease, Mary Mallon (1870-1938).

Ken Tyrrell, Motor racing team manager; Robert Kenneth Tyrrell (East Horsely, Surrey 3 May 1924 - 25 August 2001).

Ron Tyson, Singer; Ronald Tyson Presson (Monroe, North Carolina 8 February 1948).

Sylvia Tyson, Folk singer; née Sylvia Fricker (Chatham, Ontario 19 September 1939).

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