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Edgar Buchanan, Film & TV Actor; William Edgar Buchanan (Humanville, Missouri 21 March 1903 - 4 April 1979).

Horst Buchholz, Actor, Henry Bookholt, (Germany, 1933).

Pearl S. Buck, Author, Pearl Comfort Sydenstricker (USA, 1892-1973).

Anthony Buckeridge, Author; Anthony Malcolm Buckeridge (London 20 June 1912 - 28 June 2004).

Barry Bucknell, Designer and television presenter; Robert Barraby Bucknell (London 26 January 1912 - 21 February 2003).

Buddha, Spiritual teacher; Siddhartha Gautama (Lumbini, Nepal 6th century BC). He is also known as Shakyamuni and the Tathagata.

Don Budge, Tennis player; John Donald Budge (Oakland California 13 June 1915 - 26 January 2000).

Budgie, Drummer (The Banshees) born as Peter Clarke (Liverpool 21 August 1957).

Marjorie Buell, Cartoonist; Marjorie Henderson Buell, commonly known as Marge (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 11 December 1904 - 30 May 1993).

Sandra Bullock, Actor; Sandra Annette Bullock (Arlington, Virginia 26 July 26th, 1964).

Mercy Lavinia Bumpus, Circus performer; Lavinia Warren (Middleborough, Massachusetts 1841 - 25 November 1919). Also known as Lavinia Warren Stratton, while married to General Tom Thumb.

Ted Bundy, Serial murderer; Theodore Robert Cowell (Vermont 24 November 1946 - 24 January 1989).

Ned Buntline, Author/newspaper columnist, Edward Zane Carroll Judson, (USA,1823-1886).

Victor Buono, Actor; Victor Charles Buono (San Diego, California 3 February 1938 - 1 January 1982).

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