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Jello Biafra, Musical artist; Eric Reed Boucher (Boulder, olorado 17 June 1958).

Charles Bickford, Actor; Charles Ambrose Bickford (Cambridge, Mass. 1 January 1889 - 9 November 1967).

Ambrose Bierce, Writer, wit; Ambrose Gwinett Bierce (1842-1914). Author of The Devil's Dictionary.

Big Nose Kate, Prostitute; Mary Katharine Haroney (Budapest, Hungary 7 November 1850–2 November 1940), also known by aliases Kate Fisher, Kate Elder, and Kate Cummings.

Theodore Bikel, Actor, folksinger, musician; Theodore Meir Bikel (Vienna, Austria 2 May 1924).

Acker Bilk, Musician, Bernard Stanley Bilk, (Pensford, Somerset 28 January 1929). (Acker is a Somerset expression meaning "Mate").

Cherokee Bill, Outlaw; Crawford Goldsby. (Fort Concho, Texas 8 February 1876 - 17 March 1896).

Josh Billings, Humorist, Henry Wheeler Shaw (USA, 1818-1885).

Barbara Billingsley, Actor; Barbara Lillian Combes (Los Angeles, California 22 December 1922).

Billy the Kid, Outlaw, William H. Bonney (USA 1859-81). More recent research, suggests he was born Henry McCarty, to
Patrick and Catherine (nee Bonney) McCarty.

Bird, Alto saxophonist; Charles Christopher (Charlie) Parker Kansas City, Kansas, 29 August 1920 12 March 1955, New York, NY).

Billie Bird, Actor, Bird B. Stowell (USA, 1908).

The Birdman of Alcatraz, Murderer; Robert F. Stroud (Seattle, Washington 28 January 1890 - 21 November 1963); Served 54 years in prison, 42 in solitary confinement; became a leading authority on birds and their diseases.

Nathan Birnbaum, Writer; Mathias Ascher (Austria 1864-1937). Founder of modern Zionism; he coined the term. Also named as Mathias Acher.

Beeb Birtles, Singer; Gerard Birtlekamp (Amsterdam 28 November 1948).

Billy Bishop; Air Ace in WWI, Air Marshal; William Avery Bishop (Owen Sound, Ontario 8 February 1894 - 11 September 1956).

Joey Bishop, Comedian/actor, Joseph Abraham Gottlieb (USA, 1918).

Julie Bishop, Actor; Jacqueline Brown (Denver, Colorado 30 August 1914 - 30 August 2001). Used her real name in some silent movies; appeared occasionally as Diane Duval.

Jacqueline Bisset, Actor, Winifred Jacqueline Fraser Bisset, (Weybridge, England 13 September 1944).

Josie Bissett, Actor; Jolyn Christine Heutmaker (Seattle, Washington 5 October 1970).

Bill Bixby, Actor; Wilfred Bailey Bixby (San Francisco 22 January 1934 - 21 November 1993).

Georges Bizet, Composer; Alexandre César Léopold Bizet (Paris 25 October 1838 - 3 June 1875).

Singer, composer, actor,

Björk Guðmundsdóttir
Reykjavík, Iceland
21 November 1965

Featured Celebrity

Maria Bjørnson, Theatre designer; Maria Elena Proden (Paris, 16 February 1949 - 13 December 2002).

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