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Cilla Black, Singer, Television Compere, Priscilla White (England 1943).

Conrad Black, Newspaper publisher; Conrad Moffat Black (Montreal, Canada 25 August 1944).

Jay Black, Singer; David Blatt, (USA 2 November 1938). Second frontman for Jay and The Americans, also known as David Black.

Jeanne Black, Country singer; Gloria Jeanne Black (Pomona, California 25 October 1937).

Karen Black, Actor, Karen Blanche Ziegler, (USA, 1942).

Marie Black aka Blossom Rock, Actor, Edith Blossom MacDonald, (USA, 1906-1978).

Michael Ian Black, Actor, comedian and comedy writer; Michael Schwartz (Chicago, Illinois 12 August 1971).

Roy Black, Singer; Gerhard Höllerich (Bobingen/Straßberg, Germany 25 January 1943 - 9 October 1991).

Shirley Temple Black, Actor, US Ambassador; née Shirley Temple (Santa Monica, California 23 April 1928).

Blackbeard, Pirate; probably Edward Thatch, but possibly Edward Teach and maybe Edward Drummond (Quite likely Bristol, England, 1680 - 22 November 1718).

Harry Blackstone, Sr., Magician; Harry Bouton (Chicago, Illinois 27 September 1885 - 16 November 1965).

Taurean Blacque, Actor; Herbert Middleton, Jr. (Newark, New Jersey 21 August 1948).

Vivian Blaine, Actor; Vivian Stapleton (Newark, New Jersey 21 November 1921 - 9 December 1995).

Betsy Blair, Actor; Elizabeth Winifred Boger (Cliffside, New Jersey 11 December 1923).

Janet Blair, Actor, Martha Jane Lafferty (USA, 1921).

Selma Blair, Actor; Selma Blair Beitner (Southfield, Michigan 23 June 1972).

Tony Blair, Politician, Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (Edinburgh, 6 May 1953).

Amanda Blake, Television actor, Beverly Louise Neill (Miss Kitty), (USA, 1929-1989).

Blind Blake, Blues singer; Arthur Phelps or Arthur Blake (Jackson, Florida, 1890s - 1933).

Eubie Blake, Jazz Pianist; James Hubert Blake (Baltimore, Maryland 7 February 1883 - 12 February 1983).

Robert Blake, Actor; Michael James Vijencio Gubitosi (Nutley, New Jersey 18 September 1933). First screen credit as Mickey Gubitosi, also known as Bobby Blake.

Mel Blanc, Voice actor; Melvin Jerome Blanc (San Francisco 30 May 1908 - 10 July 1989).

Cate Blanchett, Actor; Catherine Elise Blanchett (Clayton, Victoria, Australia 14 May 1969).

Bobby "Blue" Bland, Blues singer; Robert Calvin Brooks (Roseland, Tennessee 27 January 1930).

Clara Blandick, Actor; Clara Dickey (Hong Kong 4 June 1880 - 15 April 1962).

Marcie Blane, Singer; Marcia Blank (Brooklyn, New York 21 May 1944).

Louis Bleriot, Pioneer aviator; Louis Charles-Joseph Blériot (Cambrai, France 1 July 1872 - 2 August 1936); First pilot to fly across the English Channel, on 5 July 1908.

Dan Blocker, Actor; Bobby Don Davis Blocker (DeKalb, Texas
10 December 1928 - 13 May 1972).

Joan Blondell, Actor, Rose Joan Blondell, (USA, 1906-1979).

Charles Blondin, Acrobat and tightrope walker; Jean François Gravelet (Saint-Omer 24 February 1824 - 22 February 1897). He crossed Niagara Falls on a tightrope.

Claire Bloom, Actor, Patricia Claire Bloom, (England, 1931).

"The Blue Boy", Painted by Thomas Gainsborough; Master Jonathan Buttall (d.1805). The painting (1770, oil on canvas), is now in The Huntington Art Collections, San Marino, California.

Ben Blue, Actor, comedian; Benjamin Bernstein (Montreal, Canada 12 September 1901 - 7 March1975).

Monte Blue, Actor; Gerald Montgomery Bluefeather (Indianapolis, Indiana, 11 January - 18 February 1963).

Judy Blume, Author; Judy Sussman (Elizabeth, New Jersey 12 February 1938).

Jeraldyne Blunden, Dancer, choreographer; née Kilborn (USA, 1940-99).

Nellie Bly, Journalist, Elizabeth Cochrane (USA, 1867-1922).

Larry Blyden, Actor; Ivan Lawrence Blieden (Houston, Texas 23 June 1925 - 7 June 1975).

Peggy Blythe, Actor, Mary Margaret Blythe Rotherine, (England, 1914).

Enid Blyton, Children's author; Enid Mary Blyton (East Dulwich, London 11 August 1897 - 28 November 1968). Also wrote under the pseudonym Mary Pollock.

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