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Pat Benatar, Singer, Patricia Andrzejewski (USA, 1953).

Cuesta Benberry, Quiltmaker; née ? (Cincinnati, Ohio 8 September 1923 - 23 August 2007). Sorry, maiden name unkown.

Johnny Bench, Hall of Fame Baseball player, Johnny Lee (USA, 1947).

Robert Benchley, Humorist; Robert Charles Benchley (Worcester, Massachusetts 15 September 1889 - 21 November 1971).

Robert Benchley, Writer; Robert Charles Benchley (Isle of Wight, 15 September 1807 - 21 November 1945).

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, aka Benedictus XVI; Joseph Alois Ratzinger (Marktl am Inn, Germany 16 April 1927).

Dirk Benedict, Actor; Dirk Niewoehner (Helena, Montana 1 March 1944).

Chief Bender, Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher; Charles Albert Bender (Crow Wing County, Minnesota 5 May 1884 - 22 May 1954).

William Bendix, Actor; William Bendix (New York, NY 14 January 1906 - 14 December 1964).

Tex Beneke, Musician and singer (Glenn Miller Orch.) Gordon Beneke, (USA, 1914).

Eric Benét, Singer; Eric Benét Jordan (Milwaukee, Wisconsin 15 October 1966).

David Ben-Gurion, First prime minister of Israel; David Gruen (Plonsk, Poland 16 October 1886 - 1 December 1973).

Lucy Benjamin, Actor; Lucy Jane Baker (Reading, Berkshire, England 25 June 1970).

Arnold Bennett, Writer; Enoch Arnold Bennett (Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, England 27 May 1867 - 27 March 1931).

Bruce Bennett, Actor; also known as Herman Brix. (Tacoma, Washington 19 May 1906 - 24 February 2000).

Michael Bennett, Dance and choreographer; Michael Bennett DiFiglia (Buffalo, New York 8 April 1943 - 2 July 1987).

Ronnie Bennett; Singer; Veronica Bennett (Harlem, New York 10 August 1943). Lead singer of the Ronettes, later married Phil Spector.

Tony Bennett, Singer; Anthony Dominick Benedetto (Queens, New York 3 August 1926).

Tracie Bennett, Actor; Tracey Anne Bennett (Leigh, Lancashire 17 June 1961).

Jack Benny, Comedian, Benjamin Kubelsky (USA 1894-1974).

Mary Livingstone Benny, née Sadye Marks (Seattle 23 June 1905 - 30 June 1983) Continued to use her stage name of Mary Livingstone after marrying Jack Benny.

Robby Benson, Actor, Robin David Segal, (USA, 1956).

Millie Benson, Writer, Mildred Augustine Wirt Benson née Mildred Augustine (Ladora, Iowa 5 July 1905 - 28 May 2002). Created 'Nancy Drew' using pseudonym Carolyn Keene.

Lamont Bentley, Actor; Artimus Lamont Bentley (Milwaukee, Wisconsin 25 October 1973 - 18 January 2005).

Barbi Benton, Model and actor; Barbara Klein (New York 28 January 1950).

Brook Benton, Singer, Benjamin Franklin Peay, (USA, 1931-1988).

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