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Capability Brown, Landscape Gardener, Lancelot Brown, (England, 1715-1783).

Foxy Brown, Rapper; Inga Marchand (Brooklyn, New York 6 September 1979).

Georgia Brown, Actor; Lillian Klot (21 October 1933 - 5 July 1992).

H. Rap Brown, Political activist; Hubert Gerold Brown - now known as Jamil Abdullah al-Amin (Baton Rouge, Louisiana 4 October 1943).

Jerry Brown, Politician; Edmund Gerald Brown, (San Francisco, California 7 April 1938).

Joe Brown, Singer, guitarist; Joe Brown (Swarby, Lincolnshire 13 May 1941). Father of Sam Brown.

Joe E. Brown, Stage and Screen Comedian; Joseph Evan Brown (Holgate, Ohio 28 July 1892 - 6 July 1973), "Some Like it Hot".

Michael Brown, Songwriter, keyboards; Michael Lookofsky (New York April 25, 1949).

The Unsinkable Molly Brown, Titanic survivor; Margaret Tobin Brown, née Margaret Tobin (Hannibal, Missouri 18 July 1867 - 26 October 1932).

Peter Brown, Actor; Pierre de Lappe (New York 5 October 1935).

Roy "Chubby" Brown, Unreconstructed comedian; Royston Vasey (England).

Ruth Brown, Rhythm and Blues Singer; Ruth Weston (Portsmouth, Virginia 30 January 1928).

Sam Brown

Samantha Brown

Stratford, London
7 October 1964.

Koo Stark

Tina Brown, Jounalist; Christina Hambley Brown (Maidenhead, England 21 November 1953).

Vanessa Brown, Actor; Smylla Brind (Austria 1928-99).

Dik Browne, Cartoonist; Richard Arthur Allan Browne (New York City 11 August 1917 - 4 June 1989). Created Hagar the Horrible.

Jackson Browne, Singer songwriter; Clyde Jackson Browne (Heidelberg, Germany 9 October 1948).

Kale Browne, Actor; David Charles Browne (San Rafael, California, 16 June 1950)

Brownie Mary, Drugs campaigner, Mary Jane Rathbun (USA, 1921-99).

Peaches Browning, Actor; Frances Belle Heenan (USA 23 June 1910 - 23 August 1956).

Bobbe Brox, Singer; Josephine Brock (USA, 1900-99).

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