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Rod Roddy, Broadcaster; Robert Ray Roddy (Fort Worth, Texas 28 September 1937 - 27 October 2003).

Jimmie Rodgers, Country - Blues singer; James Charles Rodgers (Pine Springs, Mississippi, 8 September 1897 - 26 June 1933).

Auguste Rodin, Artist; Francois-Auguste-René Rodin (Paris 12 November 1840 - 17 November 1917).

Chi Chi Rodriguez, Golfer; Juan Rodriguez (Puerto Rico 23 October 1935).

Jai Rodriguez, Actor and television celebrity; David Jai Rodriguez (Brentwood, New York 22 June 1969).

Nelson Rodriguez, Film editor, Nelson Rodriguez Zurbaran, (Cuba, 1938).

Tommy Roe, Rock n' roll singer, Thomas David Roe (Atlanta, Georgia 9 May 1942).

Buddy Rogers, Actor and jazz musician; Charles Rogers (Olathe, Kansas 13 August 1904 - 21 April 1999).

Nature Boy Buddy Rogers, Professional wrestler; Herman C. Rohde, Jr. (Camden, New Jersey 20 February 1921 - 26 June 1992).

Ginger Rogers, Actor  Virginia McMath (USA 1911).

Julie Rogers, Singer; Julie Rolls (London 6 April 1943).

Kenny Rogers, Country singer; Kenneth Donald Rogers (Houston, Texas, 21 August 1938). Sometimes actor and songwriter fronted The First Edition.

Mimi Rogers, Actor; Miriam Spickler (Coral Gables, Florida 27 January 1956).

Mister Rogers, Television host; Frederick McFeely Rogers (Latrobe, Pennsylvania 20 March 1928 - 27 February 2003).

Roy Rogers, Singing cowboy actor; Leonard Franklin Slye, also known as "The King of the Cowboys" (Cincinnati, Ohio, 5 November 1911- 6 August 1998). He was the husband of Dale Evans, and noted for his golden palomino horse, Trigger.

Will Rogers, Homespun humorist, William Penn Adair Rogers, (USA, 1879-1935).

Marika Rokk, Actor, Maria Korrer, (Egypt, 1913).

Gilbert Roland, Luis Antonio Damaso de Alonzo, Actor (Mexico, 1905-1994).

Sir Humphrey Rolleston, Doctor; Humphrey Davy Rolleston (1862-1944).

Jules Romains, Author; Louis Henri Jean Farigoule (Saint-Julien-Chapteuil, Haute-Loire, France 26 August 1885 - 14 August 1972).

Ruth Roman, Actor; Norma Roman (Lynn, Massachusetts 23 December 1924 - 9 September 1999).

Michael Romanoff, Impostor/restaurant owner, Harry F. Gerguson (presumed but unproven) (Russia, 1892-1971).

Lina Romay, Actor; Rosa Maria Almirall (Barcelona 23 June 1954).

Lil' Romeo, Rapper; Percy Romeo Miller Junior (New Orleans
20 November 1989).

Cesar Romero, Actor, Cesar Julio Romero, Jr. (New York, USA, 1907-94) Joker in 1960s "Batman".

Mickey Rooney, Actor  Joe Yule Jnr. (USA 1920).

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, Wife of president Franklin D. Roosevelt; Anna Eleanor Roosevelt (New York City 11 October 1884 - 7 November 1962). Married and maiden name were the same, as she was her husband's second cousin.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, 32nd President of the United States; Franklin Delano Roosevelt (New York, 12 June 1893 - 12 April 1945).

Teddy Roosevelt Jr., Soldier and businessman; Theodore Roosevelt Jr. (Oyster Bay, New York 13 September 1887 - 12 July 1944).

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