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Jason Robards, Actor; Jason Nelson Robards Jr. (Chicago, Illinois 26 July 1922 - 26 December 2000).

Skeeter Bill Robbins, Cowboy silent Actor, Roy R. Robbins, (USA, 1887-1933).

Harold Robbins, Author; Harold Rubin is his adoptive name, born Francis Kane (New York City 21 May 1916 - 14 October 1997).

Jerome Robbins, Dancer/choreographer, Jerome Rabinowitz, (USA, 1918-1998).

Marty Robbins, Singer; Martin David Robinson (Glendale, Arizona 26 September 1925 - 8 December 1982).

Tim Robbins, Actor; Timothy Francis Robbins (West Covina, California 16 October 1958).

Cokie Roberts, Broadcast journalist; Mary Martha Corinne Morrison Claiborne Boggs (New Orleans 27 December 1943).

Julia Roberts, Actor; Julie Fiona Roberts (Smyrna, GA, USA 28 October 1967).

Oral Roberts, Televangelist; Granville Oral Roberts (Pontotoc County, Oklahoma 24 January 1918).

Roy Roberts, Actor; Roy Barnes Jones (Tampa, Florida 19 March 1900 - 28 May 1975).

Roy A. Roberts, Journalist and publisher; Roy Allison Roberts (Muscotah, Kansas 1887 - February 23, 1967).

Tanya Roberts, Actor; Victoria Leigh Blum (The Bronx, New York 15 October 1954). Some sources include birthdate slippage to 1955.

B A Robertson, Songwriter, singer; Brian Alexander Robertson (England).

Bob Robertson, Spaghetti western director; Sergio Leone (Rome, 3 January 1929 - 30 April 1989).

Dale Robertson, Actor; Dayle LyMoine Robertson (Harrah, Oklahoma 14 July 1923).

Pat Robertson, Televangelist; Marion Gordon Robertson (Lexington, Virginia 22 March 1930).

Robbie Robertson, Rock musician; Jaime Robert Robertson (Toronto, Ontario 5 July 1943).

Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, Dancer; Luther Robinson (Richmond, Virginia 25 May 1878 - 25 November 1949).

Edward G. Robinson, Actor  Emanuel Goldenberg (USA 1893-1973).

Jackie Robinson, Baseball Hall of Famer; Jack Roosevelt Robinson (Grady County, Georgia 31 January 1919 - 24 October 1972).

Smokey Robinson, Singer, William Robinson, (USA, 1940).

Sugar Ray Robinson, Boxer  Walker Smith (USA 1920-88).

Sylvia Robinson, Singer; Sylvia Vanderpool (New York 6 March 1936).

Emily Robison, Country singer and musician; née Emily Burns Erwin (Pittsfield, Massachusetts 16 August 1972).

Dame May Robson, Mary Robinson, Actor, (Australia, 1858-1942).

Mo Rocca, Comedy news commentator; Maurice Alberto Rocca (Washington, DC 28 January 1969).

Alex Rocco, Actor; Alexander Federico Petricone, Jr. (Somerville, Massachusetts 29 February 1936).

Rochefoucauld, Writer and Thinker; Fran?ois, Duc de La Rochefoucauld (1613-80).

The Rock, Wrestling star; Dwayne Douglas Johnson (Hayward, California 2 May 1972).

Blossom Rock, Actor; Edith Marie Blossom MacDonald - also known as Marie Blake (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 21 August 1896 - 14 January 1978). She was the older sister of Jeanette MacDonald

Kid Rock, Musician, actor; Robert James Ritchie (Romeo, Michigan 17 January 1971).

Abby Aldrich Rockefeller, Patron of the arts; née Abby Greene Aldrich (Providence, Rhode Island 26 October 1874 - 5 April 1948).

Lee Rocker, Bassist; Leon Drucker (Massapequa, Long Island, New York 3 August 1961).

Charles Rocket, Actor; Charles Claverie (Bangor, Maine 24 August 1949).

Rikki Rockett, Drummer; Richard Allan Ream (Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania 8 August 1961).

Knute Rockne, Football coach; Knute Kenneth Rockne (Voss, Norway 4 March 1888 - 31 March 1931).

Rick Rockwell, Television celebrity; Richard Balkey (Pittsburgh 26 October 1957).

Rod La Rocque, Silents and Talkies Actor, Roderick La Rocque de la Rour, (USA, 1898-1969).

Rockwell, Singer; Kennedy William Gordy (Detroit, Michigan 15 March 1964).

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