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Q  Ra  Ran  Re  Rem  Ri  Roa  Rod  Ros  Ru

Ayn Rand, Philosopher, novelist; Alissa Rosenbaum (1905-82). Though born in Russia, she spent much of her life in the USA; despite this, she is often referred to as 'The Russian Radical'.

Sally Rand, Dancer and actor; Harriet Helen Gould Beck. She also performed under the name Billy Beck (Hickory County, Missouri 2 January 1904 - 31 August 1979).

Tony Randall, Actor; Leonard Rosenberg (Tulsa, Oklahoma 26 February 1920 - 17 May 2004).

James Randi, Illusionist and sceptic; Randall James Hamilton Zwinge (Toronto, Ontario 7 August 1928).

Bill Randle, Disc Jockey; William McKinley Randle (Detroit, Michigan 14 March 1923 - 9 July 2004).

Boots Randolph, Saxophonist, Homer Louis Randolph (Paducah, Kentucky, 3 June 1927 - or 1925).

Joyce Randolph, Actor; Joyce Sirola (Detroit, Michigan 21 October 1925).

Rankin, Photographer; John Rankin Waddell (Glasgow 1966).

Jeannette Rankin, Congresswoman; Jeanette Pickering Rankin (Missoula, Montana 11 June 1880 - 18 May 1973);  The first woman to hold a high government office in the United States, and one of 50 members of Congress to vote against declaring War on Germany in 1916; The only member to vote against declaring war after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941.

Raphael, Painter/Architect; Raphaelo Sanzio (Italy 1483-1520).

Sally Jessy Raphael, Talk show host; Sally Lowenthal (Easton, Pennsylvania 25 February 1943).

Virginia Rappe, Actor; Virginia Caroline Rapp (New York 7 July 1891 - 9 September 1921).

Dizzee Rascal, Rapper; Dylan Mills (Bow, London 1 November 1985).

Ahmad Rashad, Sportscaster; Bobby Moore (Tacoma, Washington 19 November 1949).

Phylicia Rashad, Actor; née Phylicia Ayers-Allen (Houston, Texas 19 June 1948).

Rasputin, Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin (22 January 1869 - 29 December 1916). According to some sources, he changed his name to Grigori Yefimovich Novykh, after visiting the Holy Land.

Basil Rathbone, Philip St. John Basil Rathbone, Actor, (SouthAfrica, 1892-1967).

Dan Rather, Newsman; Dan Rather (USA 1931).

Maurice Ravel, Composer; Joseph-Maurice Ravel (Ciboure, France 7 March 1875 - 28 December 1937).


Actor,singer and dancer
also known as Raven-Symoné

Raven-Symoné Christina Pearman
Atlanta, Georgia
10 December 1985

Joy Behar

Lou Rawls, Singer; Louis Allen Rawls (Chicago, Illinois, 1 December 1933 - 6 January 2006).

Aldo Ray, Actor; Aldo DaRe (Pen Argyl, Pennsylvania 25 September 1926 - 28 March 1991).

Johnnie Ray, Singer; John Alvin Ray (Dallas, Oregon 10 January 1927 - 24 February 1990).

Man Ray, Artist, a founder of the Dada movement ; Emmanuel Radnitsky (Philadelphia 27 August 1890 - 18 November 1976). His name has also been Americanized as Rabinovitch, Rudnitzky, Radenski.

Nicholas Ray, Actor and director; Raymond Nicholas Kienzle (Galesville, Wisconsin 7 August 1911 - 16 June 1979).

Ted Ray, Comedian, Charlie Olden (Wigan, England 1905-77).

Gene Rayburn, Radio and television celebrity; Eugene Rubessa (Christopher, Illinois 22 December 1917 - 29 November 1999).

Collin Raye, Country singer; Floyd Collin Wray (DeQueen, Arkansas 22 August 1960).

Martha Raye, Margaret Reed, Actor, USA, (1916-1994).

Rene Raye, Actor, Irene Creese, (Jersey, Channel Islands, 1911-1993).

Gene Raymond, Actor; Raymond Guion (Los Angeles, California 13 August 1908 - 3 May 1998); Married to Jeanette McDonald 1937-65, her death.

Paul Raymond, Pornographer; Geoffrey Anthony Quinn (Liverpool 15 November 1925 - 2 March 2008).

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