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"Hopper" Read, Cricketer and chartered accountant; Holcombe Douglas Read (England, 1910-2000).

Nancy (Davis) Reagan, Anne Frances Robbins (USA, 1923).

Ronald Reagan, 40th President of the United States; Ronald Wilson Reagan (Tampico, Illinois 6 February 1911 - 5 June 2004).

Pauline Réage, Novelist; also known as Dominique Aury; Anne Desclos. (Rochefort-sur-Mer, France 23 September 1907 - 27 April 1998).

B Real, Rapper; Louis Freese (Los Angeles June 2, 1970).

Otis Redding, Singer; Otis Redding Jr. (Dawson, Georgia 9 September 1941 - 10 December 1967).

Robert Redford, Charles Robert Redford Jr., Actor/director (Santa Monica, California,1937).

Lynn Redgrave

Lynn Rachel Redgrave

Marylebone, London; 8 March 1943 - 2 May 2010


Sir Michael Redgrave, Actor; Michael Scudamore Redgrave (Bristol, England 20 March 1908 - 21 March 1985); Knighted in 1959.

Alaina Reed, Actor; Alaina Reed Hall (Springfield, Ohio, 10 November 1946).

Alan Reed, Radio and Television actor (Fred Flintstone) Edward Bergman, (USA, 1920-1977).

Donna Reed, Actor  Donna Belle Mullenger (USA 1921).

Jerry Reed, C&W singer/Actor, Jerry Reed Hubbard, (USA, 1937).

Jimmy Reed, Blues singer; Mathis James Reed (Leland, Mississippi 6 September 1925 - 29 August 1976).

Lou Reed, Singer, Lewis Alan Reed, (Freeport Long Island, New York 2 March 1942). Rock journalist Lester Bangs wrote in Creem Magazine, as a joke in the letters page, that Lou Reed’s real name was Firbank; it has since been repeated far and wide.

Nikki Reed, Actor; Nicole Houston Reed (Los Angeles, California 17 May 1988).

Oliver Reed, Actor; Robert Oliver Reed (Wimbledon, London, 13 February 1938 - 2 May 1999).

Philip Reed, Actor, Milton Leroy Treinis, (USA, 1908-1996).

Robert Reed, Actor (The Brady Bunch); John Robert Rietz (Highland Park, Illinois 19 October 1932 - 12 May 1992).

Thomas B. Reed, Statesman; Thomas Brackett Reed (Maine, USA 1839-1902).

Walter Reed, Actor; Walter Reed Smith (Fort Ward, Bainbridge Island, Washington 16 March 1916 - 20 August 2001).

Harry Reems, Actor and porn star; Herbert Streicher (Westchester New York 27 August 1947).

Della Reese, Delloreese Patricia Early, Singer and actor, (1930).

Pee Wee Reese, Baseball player; Harold Peter Henry Reese (Louisville, Kentucky, 23 July 1918 - 14 August 1999); Nickname arose from his being a marbles champion as a boy; Baseball Hall of Fame (1984)

Del Reeves, Musician and composer, Franklin Delano Reeves, (USA, 1933).

George Reeves, Actor; George Bessolo Reeves, born George Keefer Brewer (Woolstock, Iowa 5 January 1914 – 16 June 1959). Adopted by his mother's second husband.

Jim Reeves, Singer; James Travis Reeves; (Galloway, Texas, 1923 - 31 July 1964).

Keanu Reeves, Actor, Keanu Charles Reeves (Beirut, Lebanon 1964).

Vic Reeves, Comedian  Jim Moir (England).

Ada Rehan Stage actor, Ada Crehan, took stagename after being mistakenly billed as "Ada Rehan", (Ireland, 1860-1916).

Wallace Reid, Actor; William Wallace Halleck Reid (St. Louis, Missouri, 15 April 1892 - 18 January 1923).

Django Reinhardt, Jazz Guitar; Jean Baptiste Reinhardt (Liberchies, Belgium 23 January 1910 - 16 May 1953, Fontainebleau, France).

Max Reinhardt, Theatre producer; Maximilian Goldmann (Baden bei Wien, Austria 9 September 1873 - 31 October 1943).

Judge Reinhold, Edward Ernest Reinhold Jr., Actor (USA, 1956).

Bobby Relf, Singer and songwriter; Robert Relf (Los Angeles, California 10 Januray 1937 - 20 November 2007).

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