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Ki - Kn

Ka  Ke  Ken  Ki  Kl  Ko

Anne Klein, Fashion Designer; née Hannah Golofsky (Brooklyn, New York, 7 June 1923).

Calvin Klein, Fashion designer; Calvin Richard Klein (The Bronx, New York 19 November 1942).

Chris Klein, Actor; Frederick Christopher Klein (Hinsdale, Illinois 14 March 1979).

F. W. de Klerk, South African Politician; Frederik Willem de Klerk (Johannesburg 18 March 1936).

B. Kliban, Cartoonist; Bernard Kliban (Norwalk, Connecticut 1 January 1935 - 12 August 1990)

Evel Knievel, Daredevil, Robert Knievel (USA, 1938).

Curtis Knight, Singer, song writer and guitarist; Curtis McNear (USA 1929 - 29 November 1999).

Damon Knight, Science fiction writer and editor; Damon Francis Knight (Baker City, Oregon 19 September 1922 - 14 April 2002).

Jean Knight, Singer; Jean Caliste (Crescent City, New Orleans, Louisiana 26 January 1943).

Jon Knight, Singer; Jonathan Raleigh Knight (USA 29 November 1968).

Suge Knight, Record producer; Marion Knight Jr. (Compton, Los Angeles 19 April 1966). “Suge” may be short for “Sugar Bear”.

Ted Knight, Television actor, Tadeus Konopka, (USA 1923-1986).

Terry Knight, Musician and disc jockey; Richard Terrance Knapp (Flint, Michigan 9 April 1943).

Chuck Knoblauch, Second baseman for the New York Yankees Edward Charles Knoblauch, (Houston, Texas, 1968).

Don Knotts, Character actor, Jesse Donald Knotts (Morgantown, West Virginia 21 July 1924).

Patric Knowles, Actor; Reginald Lawrence Knowles (Horsforth, Yorkshire 11 November 1911 - 23 December 1995).

Terence Knox, Actor; Terry Davis (Richland, Washington 16 December 1947).

Johnny Knoxville, Television host; Philip John Clapp (Knoxville, Tennessee 11 March 1971).

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