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Ka  Ke  Ken  Ki  Kl  Ko

Stacey Keach, Actor, Walter Stacey Keach Jr., (USA, 1941).

Phil Keaggy, Guitarist, singer, songwriter and founder member of rock band Glass Harp; Philip Tyler Keaggy (Youngstown, Ohio 23 March 1951).

Uncle Duke Keaggy, Olympic Archery trainer and author; David Keaggy (Ohio).

Cheri Keaggy, Singer, songwriter and musician; Cheri Anderson Keaggy (née Anderson; place and date unknown).

Staci Keanan, Actor; Anastasia Sogorsky (Devon, Pennsylvania 6 June 1975).

Buster Keaton, Comedian  Joseph Frank Keaton (Piqua, Kansas 4 October 1895 - 1 February 1966 Los Angeles, California). Also known as Joseph Francis Keaton.

Diane Keaton, Actor, Diane Hall, (USA, 1946).

Michael Keaton, Actor, Michael John Douglas (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 9 September 1951).

Howard Keel, Singer/actor, Harold Clifford Leek (Gillespie,
Illinois 13 April 1919 - 7 November 2004).

John Keel aka John Alva Keel, UFO Observer and writer; Alva John Kiehle (Hornell, New York 25 March  1930 - 3 July  2009).

Ruby Keeler, Dancer/actor, Ethel Hilda Keeler, (Canada, 1909-1993).

Wee Willie Keeler, Baseball player; William Henry Keeler (Brooklyn, New York 3 March 1872 - 1 January 1923). Hall of Famer.

Maynard James Keenan, Singer; James Herbert Keenan (Ravenna, Ohio 17 April 1964).

Carolyn Keene, Author of the Nancy Drew tales; Mildred Wirt Benson, later known as Mildred Benson, née Mildred Augustine (Ladora, Iowa 10 July 1905 - 28 May 2002). The main (but not the only) user of this nom de plume.

Laura Keene, Stage actor, Mary Moss, (USA, 1820-1873).

Estes Kefauver, U.S. Senator, Carey Estes Kefauver, (USA, 1903-1963).

Garrison Keillor, Radio host; Gary Edward Keillor (Anoka, Minnesota 8 July 1942).

Brian Keith, Actor, Robert Keith Richey Jr. (Bayonne, New Jersey 14 November 1921 - 24 June 1997).

Ian Keith, Silents and Talkies Actor, Keith Ross, (USA, 1899-1960).

Robert Keith, Actor, Robert Keith Richey (Father of Brian Keith) (USA, 1896-1966).

Penelope Keith, Actor; Penelope Keith (England, 1940).

Toby Keith, Country singer; Toby Keith Covel (Clinton, Oklahoma 8 July 1961).

Helen Keller, Writer, lecturer and political activist; Helen Adams Keller (Tuscumbia, Alabama 27 June 1880 - 1 June 1968).

Faye Kellerman, Novelist; Faye Marder (St Louis, Missouri 31 July 1952).

DeForest Kelley, Actor (Star Trek; "It's worse than that, He's dead, Jim"), Jackson DeForest Kelley (USA, 1920-99).

Colin Kelly, Airman; Colin Purdie Kelly, Jr. (Madison, Florida 11 July 1915 - 10 December 1941).

Grace Kelly, Actor; Grace Patricia Kelly (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1929-1982).

King Kelly, Baseball player; Michael Joseph Kelly (Troy, New York 31 December 1857 - 8 November 1894).

Machine Gun Kelly,

George Kelly Barnes
alias George R. Kelly

Memphis, Tennessee 18 July 1895 - 18 July 1954

Machine Gun Kelly

Molly Kelly, née Molly Craig; aboriginal Australian who became the subject of the film "The Rabbit Proof Fence" (Jigalong, Western Australia c1917 - 13 January 2004). She died at Jigalong, too.

Patsy Kelly, Actor, Bridget Veronica Kelly, (USA, 1910-1981).

R. Kelly, R&B singer; Robert Kelly (Chicago, Illinois 8 January 1969).

"Red" Kelly, Bassist and club owner; Thomas Raymond Kelly (Shelby, Montana 29 August 1927 - 9 June 2004).

"Shipwreck" Kelly, Flagpole sitter, Alvin A. Kelly, (USA, 1893-1952).

Lord Kelvin (The First Baron Kelvin), Physicist and engineer; William Thomson (Belfast, Ireland 26 June 1824 - 17 Dec 1907).

Lord Kelvin, Physicist; William Thomson (Belfast 26 June 1824).

Jeremy Kemp, Actor; Edmund Walker (Chesterfield, England 3 February 1935).

Joan Kemp-Welch, Theatre director and Television producer, Glory Vincent Green (England, 1906 - 1999).

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