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Jeannie Kendall, Country singer; Jeannie Kykendall (St. Louis, Missouri 30 November 1954). Daughter of Royce.

Kay Kendall, Actor and Comedienne, Justine Kay Kendall McCarthy (Withensea, Yorkshire, England 21 May 1926-6 September 1959), Wife of Rex Harrixon.

Royce Kendall, Country singer; Royce Kykendall (St. Louis, Missouri 25 September 1934 - 22 May 1998). Father of Jeannie.

Eddie Kendricks, Singer; Edward James Kendrick (Union Springs, Alabama 17 December 1939 - 5 October 1992).

Kennedy, Political satirist; Lisa Kennedy Montgomery (Indianapolis, Indiana 8 September 8, 1972).

Arthur Kennedy, Actor; John Arthur Kennedy (Worcester, Massachusetts 17 February 1914 - 5 January 1990).

Jackie Kennedy, wife of JFK; née Jacqueline Lee Bouvier, later known as Jackie Onassis (Southampton, Long Island 28 July 1929 - 19 May 1994).

Jayne Kennedy, Actor; Jayne Kennedy Overton neé Jayne Harrison (Wickliffe, Ohio 27 November 1951). Jayne was once Miss Ohio.

John F. Kennedy, US President; John Fitzgerald Kennedy (Brookline, Massachusetts, 29 May 1917 - 22 November 1963, Dallas, Texas).

Kevin Kennedy, Television actor ("Coronation Street") Kevin Williams, (England, 1961).

Mimi Kennedy, Actor; Mary Claire Kennedy (Rochester, New York 25 September 1949).

Rose Kennedy, Philanthropist; Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald Kennedy, Countess Kennedy (July 22, 1890 – January 22, 1995).

Tom Kennedy, Television host; Jim Narz (Louisville, Kentucky 26 February 1927).

John Kent, Cartoonist; Capel John Kent (Oamaru, New Zealand 21 June 1937 - 13 April 2003).

Stan Kenton, Musician and bandleader, Stanley Newcomb, (USA, 1912-1979).

Joanna Kerns, Actor; Joanna de Varona (San Francisco, California 12 February 1953). Sister of Olympic swimmer Donna.

Jack Kerouac, Actor/writer, Jean-Louis de Kerouac, (USA, 1922-1969).

Anita Kerr, Country singer; Anita Jean Grob née Grilli, (Memphis, Tennessee 31October 1927).

Deborah Kerr, Film actor  Deborah Kerr-Trimmer (1921).

Jean Kerr, Author and playwright; Bridget Jean Collins (Scranton, Pennsylvania 10 July 1922 - 5 January 2003).

J. Warren Kerrigan, Actor, silent movies, George Warren Kerrigan, (USA, 1879-1947).

Norman Kerry, Actor; Arnold Kaiser (Rochester, New York 16 June 1889 - 12 January 1956).

Teresa Heinz Kerry, Philanthropist; Maria Teresa Thierstein Simões-Ferreira Heinz Kerry, née Maria Teresa Thierstein Simões-Ferreira (Naputo, Mozambique 5 October 1938).

Ken Kesey, Writer; Ken Elton Kesey (La Junta, Colorado 17 September 1935 - 10 November 2001).

Tom Ketchum, Outlaw; Thomas Edward Ketchum, also known as Black Jack Ketchum (San Saba County, Texas 31 October 1863 - 26 April 1901).

Rina Ketty, Singer; Cesarina Pichetto (Sarzana, Italy 1911-1996).

Evelyn Keyes, Actor; Evelyn Louise Keyes (Port Arthur, Texas 20 November 1916).

Alicia Keys, Singer; Alicia Augello Cook (New York, 25 January 1981).

Chaka Khan, Singer, Yvette Marie Stevens (USA, 1953).

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