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Mary Kay Ash, Cosmetics entrepeneur; Mary Kathlyn Wagner (Hot Wells, Texas 12 May 1918 - 22 November 2001). Founder of Mary Kay Inc.

Ashanti, Singer; Ashanti Douglas (Glen Cove, New York 13 October 1980).

Dame Peggy Ashcroft, Actor; Edith Margaret Emily Ashcroft (Croydon, England 22 December 1907 - 14 June 1991).

Arthur Ashe, Tennis champion; Arthur Robert Ashe Jr. (Richmond, Virginia 10 July 1943 - 6 February 1993).

Edward Ashley, Actor; Edward Ashley Cooper (Melbourne 1 January 1904).

Elizabeth Ashley, Actor; Elizabeth Ann Cole (Ocala, Florida 30 August 1939).

Laura Ashley, Fashion designer; Laura Mountney (Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil 7 September 1925 - 17 September 1985).

Ashton, Variety and Circus performer, John Kenneth Austin (England, 1911 - 1999). (Ashton and Vesta)

Dicken Ashworth, Actor; Terence Dicken Ashworth (Todmorden, Lancashire 18 July 1946).

Leon Askin, Actor; Leo Aschkenasy (Vienna, Austria 18 September 1907 - 3 June 2005).

Ed Asner, Actor, Isaac Edward Asner (USA, 1929).

Asta, Canine film actor; Skippy. A wire haired terrier, William Powell's dog in the "Thin Man" series.

Adele Astaire, dancer and actor; Adele Marie Austerlitz (Omaha, Nebraska 10 September 1897 - 25 January 1981). She was Fred Astaire's sister.

Fred Astaire, Film actor, dancer, singer, Frederick Austerlitz (1899-1987).

Sean Astin, Actor; Sean Patrick Duke (Santa Monica, California 25 February 1971). His biological father was Michael Tell, he is the son of Patty Duke and John Astin.

John Jacob Astor, Fur trader; Johann Jakob Astor ( 17 July 1763 - 29 March 1848). America's first millionaire.

Lady Astor, Political/social leader (First woman to hold a seat in British parliament); Nancy Witcher Langhorne (USA, 1879-1964).

Mary Astor, Actor; Lucille Vasconcellos Langhanke (USA 1906-87).

Kemal Atatürk, Founder and first President of Turkey; Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (Kocakasým, Salonica 19 May 1881 - 10 November 1938). Originally named Mustafa; given Kemal at school, and Atatürk - a tribute from the state - 1934.

William Atherton, Actor, William Atherton Knight, (Orange, Connecticut 30 July 1947).

Chet Atkins, Guitarist/arranger, Chester Burton Atkins (Luttrell, Tennessee 20 June 1924 - 30 June 2001, Nashville, Tennessee).

Rowan Atkinson, Comedian and actor; Rowan Sebastian Atkinson (Consett, County Durham 6 January 1955).

Charles Atlas, Bodybuilder, Angelo Siciliano (Acri, Calabria, Italy 30 October 1893 - 24 December 1972).

The Atom, Fictional superhero, Alan Pratt.

Richard Attenborough,
Actor, film director and producer;

Richard Samuel Attenborough
Cambridge, England
29 August 1923

Richard Attenborough

Clement Attlee, Statesman; Clement Richard Attlee (Putney, London 3 January 1883 – 8 October 1967).

Lionel Atwill, Actor; Lionel Alfred William Atwill (London, England 1 March 1885 - 22 April 1946).

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