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Don Ameche, Actor, Dominic Felix Amici (USA, 1908-1993).

Ed Ames, Singer (The Ames Brothers); Edmund Dantes Urick (Malden, Massachusetts 9 July 1927).

Gene Ames, Singer (The Ames Brothers); Eugene Urick (Malden, Massachusetts 13 February 1923 - 1997).

Joe Ames, Singer (The Ames Brothers); Joseph Urick (Malden, Massachusetts 3 May 1921).

Leon Ames, Actor; Leon Waycoff (Portland, Indiana 20 January 1902 - 12 October 1993).

Vic Ames, Singer (The Ames Brothers); Victor Urick (Malden, Massachusetts 20 May 1925 - 23 January 1978).

Amos, Radio actor, (partner of Andy), Freeman Fisher Gosden (USA, 1899-1982).

Tori Amos, Musician, Myra Ellen Amos, (USA, 1963).

WallyAmos, Cookie maker, actor and writer; Wallace Amos, Jr. (Tallahassee, Florida 1 July 1936).

Louis L'Amour, Author, Louis Dearborn La Moore (USA, 1908-1988).

André Ampère, Physicist and mathematician; André-Marie Ampère (Lyon, France 20 January 1775 - 10 June 1836).

Morey Amsterdam, Actor and comedian, Morey Amsterdam (Chicago, Illinois 1908-96) Probably best known for his part as Buddy on the "Dick Van Dyke Show".

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