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Billy Allen, Performer- Vaudeville Comedy; Carroll Andrew August Abler (Johnstown, PA 29 October 1888 - April 19, 1923). Toured in Vaudeville as Allen and Montrose; Father of Steve Allen.

Chad Allen, Actor; Chad Allen Lazzari (USA 1974).

Dave Allen, Comedian; David Tynan O'Mahony (Tallaght, Dublin 6 July 1936).

Debbie Allen, Actor, dancer; Deborrah Kaye Allen (Houston, Texas 16 January 1950).

Deborah Allen, Country singer; Deborah Lynn Thurmond (Memphis, Tennessee 30 September 1953).

Fred Allen, Radio comedian; John Florence Sullivan (Cambridge, Massachussetts 31 May 1894 - 17 March 1956). Also used Fred St. James, Fred James, Freddie James as stage names.

Gracie Allen, Stage, screen, radio and television actor; Grace Ethel Cecile Rosalie Allen (San Francisco, California 26 July 1906 - 28 August 1964), Wife of George Burns.

Mel Allen, Sportscaster; Melvin Allen Israel (Birmingham, Alabama 14 February 1913 - 16 June 1996).

Peter Allen, Singer; Peter Allen Woolnough (Tenterfield, New South Wales 10 February 1944 - 18 June 1992).

Phog Allen, Basketball coach; Forrest Claire Allen (Jamesport, Missouri 18 November 1885 - 16 September 1974).

Rex Allen, Western actor; Rex Elvie Allen (Willcox, Arizona 31 December 1920 - 17 December 1999); "The Last of the Singing Cowboys".

Rick Allen, Drummer; Richard John Cyril Allen (Sheffield, England 1 November 1963).

Rosalie Allen, Country singer; Julie Marlene Bedra (Old Forge, Pennsylvania 27 June 1924 - 23 September 2003).

Steve Allen, Comedian, actor, broadcaster; Stephen Valentine Patrick William Allen (New York, 26 December 1921 - 30 October 2000, Encino, California).

Tex Allen, Actor; Irvine E. Theodore Baehr aka Bob Allen, Robert Allen (Mount Vernon, New York 28 March 1906 - 9 October 1998).

Tim Allen, Comedian/actor, Timothy Allen Dick (USA 1953).

Woody Allen, Actor, screenwriter, director, Allen Stewart Konigsberg (Brooklyn, New York 1 December 1935).

Kirstie Alley, Actor; Kirstie Louise Alley (Wichita, Kansas 12 January 1955).

Joe Allison, Songwriter and record producer; Joe Marion Allison (McKinney, Texas 3 October 1924 - 2 August 2002).

Claud Allister, Actor, Claud Palmer, (England, 1888-1970).

Duane Allman, Musician and founder, Allman Brothers Band; Howard Duane Allman (Nashville 20 November
1946 - 29 October 1971, Macon, Georgia).

Gregg Allman, Musician and founder, Allman Brothers Band; Gregory Lenoir Allman (Nashville, 8 December 1947).

Renee Allman, Actor; Renee Griffin (Long Beach, California 30 May 1968). Also known as Renee Ammann, Jerri Renee Griffin and Jerri Reneé Griffin, in various movies and television appearances.

Gloria Allred, Attorney & broadcaster; Gloria Rachel Bloom (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania3 July 1941).

June Allyson, Actor; Ella Geisman (USA 1917).

Pedro Almodovar, Movie/director/writer, Pedro Almodovar Caballero, (Spain, 1951).

Alberto Alonso, Dancer and choreographer; Alberto Julio Rayneri Alonso (Havana, Cuba 22 May 1917 - 31 December 2007).

Alicia Alonso, Ballerina and choreographer; Alicia Ernestina de la Caridad del Cobre Martínez Hoya (Havana, Cuba 21 December 1920).

Carol Alt, Model and actor; Adriana Francesca Lima (Long Island, New York 1 December 1960).

Annie Altshcul, Nurse and writer; Annie Therese Altschul (Vienna, 18 February 1919 - 24 December 2001).

Kirk Alyn, Actor; John Feggo Jr., (Oxford, New Jersey 8 October 1910 - 14 March 1999). First actor to play Superman.

Dr. Alzheimer, Psychiatrist and neuropathologist; Aloysius Alzheimer, known as Alois Alzheimer (Marktbreit, Bavaria 14 June 1864 - 19 December 1915). Alzheimer was the first to describe a form of presenile dementia, later named in his honour.

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