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La  Lan  Lar  Lea  Len  Li  Lo  Lu

Victoria Lucas, Author; Sylvia Plath (Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 27 October1932 - 11 February 1963).

Susie Luchsinger, Gospel singer (sister of Reba McEntire) Martha Susan McEntire, (USA, 1957).

Lucky Luciano, Gangster, Salvatore Lucania, (Palermo, Sicily 24 November 1897 - 26 January 1962).

Ludacris, Rap singer; Chris Bridges (Champaign, Illinois, though others insist Atlanta, Georgia - where his career kicked off; 11 September 1977).

Allen Ludden, Television host; Allen Ellsworth (Mineral Point, Wisconsin 5 October 1917 - 9 June 1981).

Raoul Lufbery, Flying ace; Gervais Raoul Lufbery (Chamalieres, France 14 March 1885 - 19 May 1918).

Lex Luger, Professional wrestler; Lawrence Wendell Pfohl (Buffalo, New York 2 June 1958).

Bela Lugosi, Actor, Bela Lugosi Blasko, (Hungary 1882-1956).

Paul Lukas, Actor, Paul Lugacs, (Hungary, 1895-1971).

Lulu, Singer, Marie MacDonald McLaughlin Lawrie (Scotland 1948).

Norman Lumsden, Opera singer and actor; Norman Thompson (London, 16 September 1906 - 28 November 2002, London). Played J.R.Hartley for Yellow Pages UK.

Lydia Lunch, Singer, poet, writer, and actor; Lydia Koch (Rochester, New York 2 June 1959).

Joan Lunden, Actor; Joan Blunden (Sacramento, California 19 September 1950).

Dolph Lundgren, Actor, Hans Lundgren, (Sweden, 1959).

Rosa Luxemburg, Spartacist; Róza Luksemburg (Zamosch, Poland 5 March 1871 - 15 January 1919). As with many famous folk of East European orogin, a variety of spellings appear as people struggle to anglicize the name.FAQ

Paul Lynde, Actor; Paul Edward Lynde (Mount Vernon, Ohio 13 July 1926 - 10 January 1982).

Frida Lyngstad, Singer; Anni-Frid Lyngstad (Ballangen, Narvik, Norway 15 November 1945). 25% of ABBA

Carol Lynley, Actor; Carolyn Ann Jones (New York City 13 February 1942). She started modeling as a child, using the name Carolyn Lee, but it was already registered with Actors' Equity, so she changed it to use the homophone.

Amber Lynn, Porn actor; Laura Allen (Newport Beach, California 3 September 1963). Also known as Amber Lynn Adams.

Diana Lynn, Actor; Dolores ‘Dolly’ Loehr (Los Angeles 7 October 1926 - 18 December 1971).

Ginger Lynn, Actor; Ginger Lynn Allen (Rockford, Illinois 14 December 1962).

Jeffrey Lynn, Actor; Ragnar Godfrey Lind (Auburn, Massachusetts 16 February 1909 - 24 November 1995).

Loretta Lynn, Country singer, Loretta Webb, (USA, 1935).

Vera Lynn, Singer; Vera Margaret Welch (London 20 March 1917).

Carole Lynne, Actor; Helen Violet Carolyn Heyman (Rochester, Kent 16 September 1918 - 17 January 2008).

Shelby Lynne, Country singer; Shelby Lynne Moorer (Quantico, Virginia 22 October 1968). Raised in Frankville, Alabama.

Phil Lynott, Singer; Philip Parris Lynott (Birmingham, England 20 August 1949 - 4 January 1986).

Natasha Lyonne, Actor; Natasha Braunstein (New York City 4 April 1979).

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