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La  Lan  Lar  Lea  Len  Li  Lo  Lu

Leadbelly, Blue Singer; Huddie Ledbetter (Mooringsport, Louisiana 29 January 1885 - 6 December 1949).

Frank Leahy, Football coach; Frank Leahy (USA).

Oliver LeBoutillier, Fighter Pilot; Captain Oliver Colin LeBoutillier (Montclair, New Jersey 24 May 1895 - 12 May 1983).

John le Carre, Writer  David Cornwell (UK)

Ricky Ledee, Baseball player, Ricardo Alberto Ledee, Puerto Rico, (USA, 1973).

Heath Ledger, Actor; Heathcliff Andrew Ledger (Perth, Western Australia 4 April 1979).

Virginie Ledoyen, Actor; Virginie Fernandez (Aubervilliers, France 15 November 1976).

Alvin Lee, Guitarist; Graham Barnes (Nottingham, England 19 December 1944).

Anna Lee, Actor; Joan Boniface Winnifrith (Ightham, Kent 2 January 2 1913 - 14 May 2004).

Brenda Lee, Singer; Brenda Mae Tarpley (Lithonia, Georgia, USA.11 December 1944).

Bruce Lee, Martial arts teacher, Actor, Lee Jun Fan, Li Yuen Kam, Li Sui Long: different ways of anglicizing the Chinese; (San Francisco, California, 27 November 1940 - 20th July 1973).

Dickey Lee, Country singer; Dickey Lipscomb (Memphis, Tennessee 21 September 1936).

Dorothy Lee, Actor, Marjorie Elizabeth Millsap (USA, 1911-1999).

Geddy Lee, Heavy metal singer, bassist; Gary Lee Weinrib (Willowdale, Ontario 29 July 1953).

Gypsy Rose Lee (without clothes), Rose Louise Hovick(with clothes), (USA, 1914-1970).

Harper Lee, Author; Nelle Harper Lee (Monroeville Alabama 28 April 1926).

Leapy Lee, Singer; Lee Graham (Eastbourne, East Sussex 2 July 1942).

Lila Lee, Actor; Augusta Appel (Union Hill, New Jersey 25 July 1901 - 13 November 1973). Birthdate has been disputed; in one interview, she stated 1905.

Manfred Bennington Lee, Writer; Manford Lepofsky (Brooklyn, New York 11 January 1905 - 3 April 1971) Birth certificated as Emmanuel Lepofsky. Frederic Dannay and Manfred Lee, cousins, collaborated as Ellery Queen, writing novels, short stories and producing Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine. .

Michele Lee, Actor, Michele Lee Dusiak, (USA, 1942).

Peggy Lee, Singer, Norma Deloris Egstrom (Jamestown North Dakota 26 May 1920 - 21 January 2002).

Pinky Lee, Vaudeville and television variety artist; Pincus Leff (St. Paul, Minnesota 2 May 1907- 3 April 1993).

Spike Lee, Actor and Director, Shelton Lee, (USA, 1957).

Stan Lee, Comics writer, Stanley Leiber (USA 1922).

Tommy Lee, Rock drummer, Tommy Lee Bass, (USA, 1962).

Lynda Lee-Potter, Tabloid writer; Lynda Higginson (Lancashire, England).

Andrea Leeds, Actor, Antoinette Lees, (USA, 1914-1974).

Left Eye. Rapper, singer, songwriter; Lisa Nicole Lopes (Philadelphia 27 May 1971 - 25 April 2002).

Tom Lehrer, Singer, songwriter and satirist; Thomas Andrew Lehrer (New York City 9 April 1928).

Annie Leibovitz , Photographer; Anna-Lou Leibovitz (Westbury, Connecticut 2 October 1949).

Janet Leigh, Actor; Jeanette Helen Morrison (Merced, California 6 July 1927 - 3 October 2004).

Jennifer Jason Leigh, Actor, Jennifer Lee Morrow, (Hollywood, California, USA, 5 February 1962).

Vivien Leigh, Actor; maiden name was Hartley (Darjeeling, India 5 November 1913 - 8 July 1967), Scarlett O'Hara in 'Gone With the Wind'.

Laura Leighton, Actor; Laura Miller (Iowa City, Iowa 24 July 1968).

Murray Leinster, Science fiction writer, Will F. Jenkins (USA 1896).

Jack Lemmon, Actor, John Uhler Lemmon III, (Boston, Massachusetts, 8 February 1925 - 27 June 2001).

Meadowlark Lemon, Basketball player; George Lemon (Wilmington , North Carolina 25 April 1935).

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