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Ga  Garl  Ge  Gi  Go  Gra  Grav  Gre  Gu

R. B. Greaves, Singer; Ronald Bertman Greaves (Georgetown, British Guyana 28 November 1944).

"Buddy" Greco, Singer, Armando Greco, (USA, 1926).

El Greco, Artist; Domenikos Theotokópoulos (Candia, now Iráklion, Crete 1541 - 7 April 1614).

José Greco, Flamenco dancer; Costanzo Greco (Montorio nei Frentani, Italy 23 December 1918 - 31 December 2000).

Evelyn Greeley, Silent Actor, Evelyn Huber, (Austria, 1888-1975).

Andrew Green, Writer and ghost hunter; Andrew Malcolm Green (London 28 July 1927 - 21 May 2004).

Brian Austin Green, Actor; Brian Peter Green (Van Nuys, California 15 July 1973).

Eva Green

Eva Gaëlle Green
Paris, France. 5 July 1980

Her surname is Swedish, pronounced grain

Eva Green

Hetty Green, aka "The Witch of Wall St.", financier; Henrietta Howland Robinson Green, née Henrietta Howland Robinson. Also referred to as Hettie Green. (New Bedford, Massachusetts 21 November 1834 - 3 July 1916), Reputedly the wealthiest woman of her time - valued at $17.6 billion in today's money, by Wall Street Journal.

Jenna Leigh Green, Actor; Jennifer Leigh Greenberg (West Hills, California 22 August 1977).

Peter Green, Blues guitarist, formerly of Fleetwood Mac; Peter Allen Greenbaum.

Seth Green, Actor; Seth Gesshel Green (Pennsylvania 8 February 1974).

Tom Green, Comedian; Michael Thomas Green (Pembroke, Ontario 30 July 1971).

Graham Greene, Writer; Henry Graham Greene (Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire 2 October 1904 - 3 April 1991).

Lorne Greene, Actor; Lorne Hyman Greene (Ottawa Ontario 12 February 1915 - 11 September 11, 1987).

Shecky Greene, Comedian, Sheldon Greenfield (USA, 1926).

Meg Greenfield, Journalist; Mary Ellen Greenfield (Seattle 27 December 1930 - 13 May 1999).

Sydney Greenstreet, Actor, Sydney Hughes Greenstreet (Sandwich, Kent, England 27 December 1879 - 18 January 1954). Featured as the fat man in "The Maltese Falcon".

Lee Greenwood, Country singer; Melvin Lee Greenwood (Southgate, California 27 October 1942).

Jane Greer, Actor; Bettejane Greer (Washington DC 9 September 1924 - 24 August 2001).

Dabbs Greer, Actor, R. William Greer (USA, 1917).

Grey Owl, Imposter/writer/conservationist, Archibald Stansfeld Belaney, (England, 1888-1938).

Joel Grey, Singer and movie and stage actor, Joel Katz, (USA, 1932).

Nan Grey, Actor, Eschal Miller, (USA, 1918-93).

Zane Grey, Novelist; Pearl Zane Gray (Zanesville, Ohio 31 January 1872 - 23 October 1939).

Rosey Grier, Actor, Christian minister and former football player; Roosevelt Rosey Grier (Brooklyn New York 14 July 1932).

James Griffin, Singer; James Arthur Griffin (Cincinatti, Ohio 10 August 1943 - 11 January 2005).

D. W. Griffith, Film Pioneer; David Llewelyn Wark Griffith (La Grange, Kentucky 22 January 1875 - 23 July 1948).

Nanci Griffith, Singer, songwriter; Nanci Caroline Griffith (Seguin, Texas 6 July 1954).

Juan Gris, Painter, Jose Victoriano Gonzalez, (Spain, 1887-1927).

Gus Grissom, Astronaut; Virgil Ivan Grissom (Mitchell, Indiana 3 April 1926 - 27 January 1967).

Matt Groening, Cartoonist; Matthew Abram Groening (Portland, Oregon 15 February 1954). Simpsons creator.

Charles Grodin, Actor, Charles Grodinsky, (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 21 April 1935).

Ferde Grofe, Composer/arranger, Ferdinand Rudolf von Grofe, (USA, 1892-1972).

"Lefty" Grove, Baseball pitcher, Robert Moses Grove, (USA, 1900-1975).

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