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Ga  Garl  Ge  Gi  Go  Gra  Grav  Gre  Gu

Betty Grable, Actor, Ruth Elizabeth Grable, (USA, 1916-1973).

Grace, Singer; Grace Broussard (Prairieville, Louisiana 5 February 1939). Half of Dale and Grace.

Topher Grace, Actor; Christopher Paul Grace (New York 19 July 1978).

Dr. W.G.Grace, Cricketer; William Gilbert Grace (England 18 July 1848 - 23 October 1915).

Lew Grade, Impressario, Lewis Winogradsky (1906).

Don Grady, Actor; Don Agrati (San Diego, California 8 June 1944). Brother of Lani O'Grady.

Bill Graham, Rock Promoter; Wolfgang Grajonca (Berlin 8 January 1931 - 25 October 1991).

Billy Graham

William Franklin Graham

7 November 1918,
Charlotte, North Carolina

Billy Graham

Bob Graham, Politician; Daniel Robert Graham (Coral Gables, Florida 9 November 1936).

Katharine Graham, Newspaper publisher; née Katharine Meyer (New York, New York 16 June 1917 - 17 July 2001).

Ronny Graham, Actor, writer, composer; Ronald Montcrief (USA, 1919-1999).

Virginia Graham, Television talk show hostess; Virginia Komiss (Chicago, Illinois 4 July 1912 22 December 1998).

Winston Graham, Novelist; Winston Mawdsley Graham (Manchester 30 June 1910 - 10 July 2003).

Gloria Grahame, Actor; Gloria Grahame Hallward (Los Angeles, California 28 November 1923 - 5 October 1981).

Lou Gramm, Vocalist; Lou Grammatico (Rochester, New York 2 May 1950).

Kelsey Grammer, Actor, Allen Kelsey Grammer, (US Virgin Islands, 1955).

Alexander Granach, Silents and Talkies Actor, Jessaja Granach, (Poland, 1893-1945).

Red Grange, Football player; Harold Edward Grange (Forksville Pennyslavania 13 June 1903 - 28 January 1991).

Farley Granger, Actor; Farley Earle Granger II (San Jose, California 1 July 1925).

Stewart Granger, Actor; James Lablanche Stewart (London 6 May 1913 - 16 August 1993).

Barra Grant, Actor, Barbara Carol Wayne (New York City 24 December 1948).

Cary Grant, Actor, Archibald Alexander Leach (Bristol, England, 18 January 1904- 29 November 1986 Davenport, Iowa).

Faye Grant, Actor; Faye Elizabeth Yoe (St. Clair Shores, Michigan 16 July 1957).

Gogi Grant, Singer; Myrtle Audrey Arinsberg, (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 20 September 1924). Apparently named after a New York restaurant (Gogi's La Rue), she had previously recorded as Audrey Brown and Audrey Grant.

Kathryn Grant, Actor, Olive Kathryn Grandstaff, (USA, 1933).

Kirby Grant, Actor; Kirby Grant Hoon, Jr. (Butte, Montana 24 November 1911 - 30 October 1985).

Lee Grant, Actor (starred in "Terror in the City" aka "Pie in the Sky"), Lyova Haskell Rosenthal, (USA, 1927).

Richard E. Grant, Actor; Richard Grant Esterhuysen (Mbabane, Swaziland 5 May 1957).

Ulysses S. Grant, General and 18th President of the United States; Hiram Ulysses Grant (Point Pleasant, Ohio 27 April 1822 - 23 July 1885). He changed to Ulysses Hiram Grant, as he did not like his initials, later a military error listed him as Ulysses Simpson Grant, which he then made official.

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