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E L Doctorow, Novelist; Edgar Laurence Doctorow (New York 6 January 1931).

Coxsone Dodd, Record producer; Clement Seymour Dodd (Kingston, Jamaica, 26 January 1932 - 5 May 2004).

Ken Dodd, Comedian; Kenneth Arthur Dodd (Knotty Ash, Liverpool, 8 November 1927).

Sen Dog, Rapper; Senen Reyes (Havana, Cuba 20 November 1965).

Snoop Dogg, Rapper; Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr. previously known as Snoop Doggy Dogg (Long Beach, California 20 October 1971).

Thomas Dolby, Composer, Thomas Robertson, (Egypt, 1958).

Elizabeth Dole, politician; Mary Elizabeth Hanford (Salisbury, North Carolina 29 July 1936). Nicknamed "Liddy" Hanford.

Micky Dolenz, Musician, actor, Monkee; George Michael Dolenz (Los Angeles California, 8 March 1945).

Jenny Dolly, Dancer; Jancsi Deutsch (Hungary 25 October 1892 - 1 June 1941). One of the Dolly Sisters.

Rosie Dolly, Dancer; Rosika Deutsch (Hungary 25 October 1892 - 1 January 1970). One of the Dolly Sisters.

"Fats" Domino, Musician and singer, Antoine Domino, (USA, 1928).

Domitian, Roman Emperor; Titus Flavius Domitianus (Rome 24 October 51 - 18 September 96).

Elinor Donahue, Actor; Mary Eleanor Donahue (Tacoma, Washington 19 April 1937).

Troy Donahue, Actor; Merle Johnson Jr. (New York, 27 January 1936 - 2 September 2001, Santa Monica, California).

Robert Donat, Actor; Friedrich Robert Donath (Withington , Manchester18 March 1905 - 9 June 1958).

Lonnie Donegan, "King of skiffle", Anthony Donegan, (Glasgow, Scotland, 29 April 1931 - 3 November 2002).

J. P. Donleavy, Writer; James Patrick Donleavy.

Brian Donlevy, Actor, Waldo Brian Donlevy, (N. Ireland, 1901-1972).

Ral Donner, Singer; Ralph Stuart Emanuel Donner (Chicago, Illinois 10 February 1943 - 6 April 1984).

Richard Donner, Movie director, Richard D. Schwartzberg, (USA, 1930).

Vincent D'Onofrio, Actor; Vincent Phillip D'Onofrio (Brooklyn, New 30 June 1959).

Donovan, Singer, Donovan Leitch (UK 1943).

Wild Bill Donovan, Soldier; William Joseph Donovan (Buffalo, New York 1 January 1883 - 8 February 1959).

Elisa Donovan, Actor; Lisa Donovan (Poughkeepsie, New York 3 February 1971).

Paul Dooley, Actor, Paul Brown, (USA, 1948).

Jimmy Doolittle, General, United States Air Force; James Harold Doolittle (Alameda, California 14 December 1896 - 27 September 1993).

Rockin Dopsie Sr, Jazz-Fusion Accordioist; Alton Jay Rubin ( 10 February 1932 - 26 August 1993).

Mary Doran, Actor, Florence Arnott, (USA, 1907-1995).

Mamie Van Doren, Actor, Joan Lucille Olander, (USA, 1931).

Diana Dors, Film Actor, Diana Fluck (UK 1931).

Lee Dorsey, Singer; Irving Lee Dorsey (New Orleans, Louisiana 24 December 1926 - 1 December 1986).

Doug E. Doug, Actor

Douglas Bourne

Brooklyn, New York
7 January 1970

"Buster" Douglas, Boxer, James Douglas, (USA, 1960).

Craig Douglas, Singer; Terry Perkins (Newport, Isle Of Wight 12 August 1941).

Donna Douglas, Actor; Dorothy Smith (Pride, Louisiana 26 September 1933).

Kirk Douglas, Film Actor, Issur Danielovitch Demsky (Amsterdam, New York, 9 December 1916).

Melvyn Douglas, Actor; Melvin Edouard Hesselberg (Macon, Georgia 5 April 1901 - 4 August 1981).

Michael Douglas, Film Actor, Michael Douglas (New Brunswick, N. J. 1944).

Mike Douglas, Singer / Television Host; Michael Dowd (USA 1925).

Norman Douglas, Author; Norman Douglas (UK).

Charlie Douglass, Sound engineer; Charles Rolland Douglass (1910 - 8 April 2003). The inventor of canned laughter.

Frederick Douglass, Orator, campaigner and former slave; Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey (Tuckahoe, Maryland 14 February 1817 - 20 February 1895). Many sources give 7th as his date of birth.

Billie Dove, Actor; Lilian Bohny (New York City 14 May 1900 - 31 December 1997).

Charles Dow, Financier; Charles Henry Dow (Sterling, Connecticut 6 November 1851 - 4 december 1902). Co-founder of Dow Jones & Co. in 1889.

Robert Downey, Jr., Actor; Robert John Elias, Jr. (New York City 4 April 1965).

Dozy, Bassist; Trevor Leonard Davies (England 27 November 1944). Just one of 'Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick, and Tich.

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