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Da  Dar  Dea  Den  Di  Do   Dr   Du

Dizzy Dean, Baseball Hall of Famer; Jay Hanna Dean (Lucas, Arkansas 16 January 1910 - 17 July 1974). Later called himself Jerome Herman, in honor of a former Lucas playmate who had died when Dean was seven.

James Dean, Movie Actor; James Byron Dean (Marion, Indiana February 8th, 1931-September 30th, 1955 California, Road accident). Also known as Jimmy Dean.

Jimmy Dean, Country singer, sausage promoter; Jimmy Ray Dean (Plainview, Texas 10 August 1928).

Laura Dean, Actor; Laura Francine Deutscher (New York 27 May 1963).

Leslie Deane, Actor, Leslie Denise Lanon, (USA, 1967).

Man Mountain Dean, Wrestler and actor, Frank Simmons Leavitt, (USA, 1891-1953).

Basil Dearden, Movie director (Khartoum), Basil Dear, (England, 1911-1971).

El DeBarge, Singer; Eldra DeBarge (Grand Rapids, Michigan 4 June 1961). Was the lead singer of the family vocal group DeBarge.

Speech Debelle, Rapper; Corynne Elliot (Crystal Palace, London 1983).

Ran DeBord, Painter; Randy Lynn DeBord (Dallas, Texas 28 July 1957).

Claude Debussy, Composer; Achille Claude Debussy (St.-Germain-en-Laye, France 22 August 1862 - 25 March 1918).

Rosemary DeCamp, Actor; Rosemary DeCamp (Prescott, Arizona 14 November 1910 - 21 February 2001).

Yvonne DeCarlo,
Movie Actor;

Margaret Yvonne Middleton

Vancouver, British Columbia
1 September 1922

Debbi Fields

Frances Dee, Actor; Jean Dee (Los Angeles, California 26 N0vember 1907 - 6 March 2004).

Kiki Dee, Singer, Pauline Matthews (1947).

Ruby Dee, Actor, Ruby Ann Wallace, (USA, 1924).

Sandra Dee, Actor; Alexandria Zuck (Bayonne, New Jersey 23 April 1942 - 20 February 2005).

Simon Dee, Disc Jockey and TV presenter, Cyril Nicholas Henty-Dodd (Manchester, England 28 July 1935 ? 29 August 2009). The first broadcaster heard on Radio Caroline.

Tommy Dee, Singer, DJ; Thomas Donaldson (Vicker, Virginia 15 July 1940).

Bill Deedes, Journalist; Lord William Francis Deedes (Aldington, Kent, England 1 June 1913 - 17 August 2007).

Rick Dees, Radio broadcastor; Rigdon Osmond Dees III (Jacksonville, Florida 14 March 1950).

Daniel Defoe, Writer, Daniel Foe (1660 - 1731).

Don DeFore, Actor; Donald DeForest (Cedar Rapids, Iowa 25 August 1917 - 22 December 1993).

Buddy Defranco, Clarinetist; Bonifacio Ferdinando Leonardo Defranco (Camden, New Jersey 17 February 1923).

Degas, Impressionist painter; Hilaire Germain Edgar Degas (Paris, France 19 July 1834 - 27 September 1917).

John Dehner, Actor, John Forkum, (USA, 1915-1992).

Len Deighton, Novelist; Leonard Cyril Deighton (Marylebone, London 18 February 1929).

Albert Dekker, Actor; Albert Ecke (Brooklyn, New York 20 December 1905 - 5 May 1968) He was sometimes credited as Albert Van Dekker or Albert van Dekker.

Desmond Dekker, Singer and musician; Desmond Adolphus Dacres (Kingston, Jamaica 16 July 1941 - 24 May 2006)

Lana Del Rey, Singer-songwriter; Elizabeth Woolridge Grant (New York City 21 June 21, 1986).

Lester Del Rey, Science fiction writer, Ramon Felipe San Juan Mario Silvio Enrico Smith Heathcourt-Brace Sierra y Alvares y de los Uerdes (Saratoga, Minnesota 2 June 1915 - 10 May 1993 ). Longest real name to date - 81 Letters.

Dolores Del Rio, Actor, Dolores Martinez Asunsolo y Lopez Negrete, (Mexico, 1905-1983).

Eugène Delacroix, Painter; Ferdinand Victor Eugene Delacroix (Charenton-St-Maurice, France 26 April 1798 - 13 August 1863).

Gabriel Dell, Actor; Gabriel Del Vecchio (Manhattan, New York 7 October 1919 - 3 July 1988). Also known as Gabe Dell.

Myrna Dell, Actor, Marilyn Dunlap (USA, 1924).

William Demarest, Actor; Carl William Demarest (St. Paul, Minnesota 27 February 1892 - 28 December 1983).

Dr. Demento, Radio Personality Barret Hansen (Minneapolis 2 April 1941). Usually referred to as Barry Hansen.

Jack Dempsey, Boxing legend; William Harrison Dempsey aka The Manassa Mauler (Manassa, Colorado 24 June 1895 - 31 May 1983).

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