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David Anders, Actor; David Anders Holt (Grants Pass, Oregon 11 March 1981).

Bill Anderson, Country Singer; James William Anderson III (Columbia, South Carolina 1 November 1937). Also Known As "Whispering Bill".

Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson, Actor; Edward Anderson (Oakland, California 18 September 1905 - 28 February 1977).

Gerry Anderson, Television producer; Gerry Abrams (1928) Creator of Supermarionation, and cult TV shows including Fireball XL5, Stingray and Thunderbirds.

Gilbert "Bronco Billy" Anderson, Entertainer; Max H. Aronson (Little Rock, Arkansas 21 March 1880 - 20 January 1971).

Jack Anderson, Newspaper columnist; Jackson Northman Anderson (Long Beach, California 19 October 1922).

Dame Judith Anderson, Actor, Frances Margaret Anderson-Anderson (Adelaide, Australia, 10 February 1897 - 3 January 1992).

Liz Anderson, Country singer, songwriter; Elizabeth Jane Haaby (Roseau Minnesota13 March 1930). Mother of Lynn Anderson.

Loni Anderson

Loni Kaye Anderson

Saint Paul, Minnesota
5 August 1946

Loni Anderson

Pamela Anderson, Actor, model; Pamela Denise Anderson (British Columbia, 1 July 1967). Also known as Pamela Anderson Lee.

"Rochester" Anderson, Comic actor; Eddie Anderson (Oakland, California 18 September 1905 - 28 February 1977).

Sparky Anderson, Baseball manager and former player; George Lee Anderson (Bridgewater, South Dakota 22 February 1934).

Bibi Andersson, Actor; Birgitta Andersson (Stockholm 11 November 1935).

André the Giant, Wrestler and actor; André René Roussimoff (Grenoble Grenoble, France 19 May 1946 - 27 January 1993).

Dana Andrews, Actor; Carver Dana Andrews (Collins, Mississippi 1 January 1909 - 17 December 1992). Brother of Steve Forrest

Harry Andrews, Actor; Harry Fleetwood Andrews (Tonbridge, Kent, England 10 November 1911 - 6 March 1989).

Julie Andrews, Actor, Julia Elizabeth Wells (England 1935).

Laverne Andrews, Singer; Laverne Sophie Andrews (Minneapolis, Minnesota 16 July 1915 - 8 May 1967). One of three "Andrews Sisters".

Maxene Andrews, Singer; Maxene Angelyn Andrews (Minneapolis, Minnesota 3 January 3, 1918 - 22 October 1995 ). One of three "Andrews Sisters".

Patty Andrews, Singer; Patricia Marie Andrews (Mound, Minnesota 16 February 1920). One of three "Andrews Sisters".

Tige Andrews, Actor; Tiger Androwaous (Brooklyn, New York 19 March 1923).

V.C. Andrews, Author, Cleo Virginia Andrews, (USA, 6 June 1923 - 19 December 1986).

Andy, Radio actor, Charles F. Correll, (partner of Amos) (USA, 1890-1972).

Angel of Death, Doctor; Josef Mengele (Günzburg, Bavaria 16 March 1911 - 7 February 1979).

Heather Angel, Actor; Heather Grace Angel (Oxford, England 9 February 1909 - 13 December 1986).

Pier Angeli, Actor, Anna Maria Pierangeli, (Italy, 1932).

Maya Angelou, Writer; Marguerite Johnson (St. Louis, Missouri, 4 April 1928).

Muriel Angelus, Actor; Muriel Findlay (London 10 March 1909 - 26 june 2004).

Jennifer Aniston, Television actor, Jennifer Pitt, née Anistonapoulos, aka Jennifer Anastassakis (USA, 1969). The Angicization of the Greek name varies a little.

Annabella, Actor, Suzanne Georgette Carpentier, (France, 1910-1996).

Orphan Anne, Radio announcer; Iva Toguri D'Aquino née Iva Ikuko Toguri (Los Angeles, California 4 July 1916 - 26 September 2006). Convicted of treason, later pardoned; she was one of several announcers on Tokyo Radio during World War II to be labelled 'Tokyo Rose'.

Ann-Margret, Actor, singer, dancer' Ann-Margret Olsson, Actor (Sweden, 1941).

Cap Anson, Baseball player; Adrian Constantine Anson (Chicago, Illinois 17 April 1852 – 14 April 1922).

Adam Ant, Rock singer, actor, Stuart Leslie Goddard (UK, 1954).

Little Anthony, Singer; Anthony Gourdine (Brooklyn, New York 8 January 1940). First sang falsetto with the Duponts, but found fame with the Imperials (originally called the Chesters). The 'Little' prefix was added at the suggestion of disc jockey Alan Freed.

Lysette Anthony, Movie Television actor, Lysette Chodsko, (England, 1963).

Marc Anthony, Singer; Marco Antonio Muniz (Spanish Harlem, New York 16 September 1968).

Mark Anthony, Soldier; Marcus Antonius (Rome c. 14 January 83 BC - 1 August 30 BC).

Piers Anthony, Science fiction writer; Piers Anthony Dillingham Jacob (Oxford, England 6 August 1934).

Ray Anthony, Musician and bandleader, Raymond Antonioni, (USA, 1922).

Susan B. Anthony, Campaigner for women; Susan Brownell Anthony (Adams, Massachusetts 15 February 1820 - 13 march 1906).

Antoninus Pius, Roman Emperor; Titus Aurelius Fulvus Boionius Arrius Antoninus Pius (Lanuvium 19 September 86 - 7 March 161)

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